Will Mosquito Drink Milk? Poem by Prem Nizar Hameed

Will Mosquito Drink Milk?

I told the mosquito
which was about to bite me
"Shall I give you a few drops
of milk or milk with boost
instead of my blood"

"Why? " the mosquito asked anxiously

"Let us make a new wind of change,
there is a proverb in my language
we both together have to change that"

"What is that? " the curious mosquito again asked

"The mosquito is always fond of blood
even under an udder full of milk"

The mosquito burst into laughter and said:
"My dear, the maker of the proverb
should have well researched our life first
before passing out any proverb on us"

"How is it possible, dear? "

"You may please think a while:
Is there any species of mosquito in the world,
which drinks milk or milk shake or
milk with boost or any milk products? "

I pondered a little bit to realize its sarcasm,
It further said:
"Not all mosquitoes suck your blood
only female mosquitoes do that
and that is for our egg development
there are some species living on nectar
honey, pollens etc but not on milk"

I was wondered at the new piece of information

and before it left, it gave me a piece of advice also,
that the wind of change would come from man
in order to amend the proverb forthwith

I should have extended my hand to it
For a free bite for its scholarly knowledge!

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