Without Bounderies Poem by Preston Mwiinga

Without Bounderies

I was lost in thoghts when she found found me. The time when she found me I had amnesia of being good. I could not really remember how best to be good with people. In me was the untermed beast a wild animal that only wanted to be alone but my tongue too was untermed. It was like a tongue of a chameleon attacking. When she found me I was an I don't care type of a person defined by my dress cord. My dressing was like that of a lebel leader and I was very fine with it. She go closer to me without any invitation. She came to my life lik a gate crusher at a wedding ceremony. Approached me in a humble way that I forgot that I was like that firce beast. It was not the story beauty it was reliaty. She believed in the good thibgs in me and told me the best was going to come out of me. She took up the responsibility of building up the best person in me. Transformed me from me being scraff to a smart person in me and influenced my smart thinking. She gave a reason of being happy and reminded me that we only live once. She neatralised all the hate and anger in me like kaspersky antivirus neutralising viruses in a computer. She stood by me as if she were my own and yet it was true friendship. Today I am a happy person she was like that guilding angel who took care of me. A wonderful person who who restored my happiness. A sweet person who chose to be by my side despite anything. She was sent to my life for that real purpose and that was to prove to the world that the world still has those good people. This is my story this is poem this is my testimony this is my piece to stay for you with you and by you if such words are there in English. Friendships does not choose friendship is sacrifice, it is helping your friend up when things are not okay its about staying with your friend in all situations. Friendship is not choosey.friendship is you

Mashiur Rahman 20 November 2016

Hmm agree with you................Without Boundaries......

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