Without Fantasy Poem by yellowbell alamanda

Without Fantasy

Out from our fantasy
Now we're here in reality
the sun here is different
it's burning, really a blazed.
The rain is like mint
it's cold and can freeze
but don't allow it
to make our heart to be numb
we can feel the needle from the sky,
but let's try each other
we're not gonna cry.

We can run this world of pain
we don't hide we wont shed
you can hold me in my arms
I grab you when you fall
I can wipe your tears
You can share me your laughter.
The powers and magic of fantasy
where we came from
we will never let it end.

Because you know where to go
and you knew who's with you
I am here, we can run back
to the place that we knew
the place of our laugh
where wall to wall
we could freely scream.
Where we could be proud
we have powers to stand tall
where we could own the space
and happiness and joy
is all we could claim,
where sweet melodies of life
is all we could hear and sing
and our heart will be filled
of poetry and songs.
So when you found your life
without fantasy
don't be drown, do not astray
step out and believe
a little magic even without fantasy.

To Justine keesha my fairy summer friend..

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