Worn Out Poem by Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal

Worn Out

Rating: 3.8

Thy strong arms are around me, love
My head is on thy breast;
Low words of comfort come from thee
Yet my soul has no rest.

For I am but a startled thing
Nor can I ever be
Aught save a bird whose broken wing
Must fly away from thee.

I cannot give to thee the love
I gave so long ago,
The love that turned and struck me down
Amid the blinding snow.

I can but give a failing heart
And weary eyes of pain,
A faded mouth that cannot smile
And may not laugh again.

Yet keep thine arms around me, love,
Until I fall to sleep;
Then leave me, saying no goodbye
Lest I might wake, and weep.

Simon Odhiambo 21 July 2012

This comment, I write quietly, lest you wake up and weep again. Impressed...

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Angela Reid-wentworth 21 January 2012

I think clearly ab out her unfaithful husband, Rosetti.

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Jemme Simbulan 21 July 2012

I felt the poem's loneliness and heartache. Pretty amazing.

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Ramesh T A 21 July 2012

Comfort at a tragic moment in life is rare to find! Surely the enjoyer of comfort depicted in the poem is a lucky person though he has nothing to give in return! Love is precious to lose in life more than anything else...! He has love that will bring him all he lost sooner or later in life...!

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Alecia Henderson 21 July 2012

I love the depth and passion you emote with your intrinsic, image painting words Great write

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Hailey Porter 21 July 2014

I liked it, it was really good

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Geetha Jayakumar 21 July 2014

Very Touching poem.... Can a death snatch away the eternal soul Longing to die in beloved's arm Resting head on thy breast Bidding goodbye to beloved's heart Before going on eternal sleep! ..........Loved reading it.

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Savita Tyagi 21 July 2014

Very emotional. Casually I looked at poetess's time line. She had a very short life. Thirty three years! She had all the love in the world but no time or energy to give back or enjoy what was once so wonderful. May be some illness. But she sure left the legacy of this beautiful poem for us.

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Francie Lynch 21 July 2014

How does a bird with a broken wing fly away? Metaphor doesn't work.

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Is a man truely in love and appreciate what he has but in as much as he would love to remain he has to leave and that truely hurt him to see himself walk away from who he love his left shall cause pain and doesnt want to lose a bit of it.

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