Xenophobia In South Africa Poem by Kenneth Maswabi

Xenophobia In South Africa

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The black plague of xenophobia
Slithering across South Africa
Is an abomination to the African gods
Betraying the Spirit of Africa
As espoused by Nelson Mandela
And captured by the South African anthem

“Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika”
“Lord bless our nation,
Stop wars and sufferings,
Save it, save our nation,
The nation of South Africa, South Africa”

The black plague of xenophobia
Ploughing into the heart of Africa
With a sharp knife of hatred
Pouring innocent blood
Breaking the sacred accord of the gods
Betraying the Spirit of Nonviolence
As espoused by Mahatma Gandhi
And captured by the Truth and Reconciliation commission

The black plague of xenophobia
Washes the shores of Africa
Erasing the fruits of the African struggle
Opening the scars of Apartheid
Rupturing the spirit of hatred
Into the peaceful streets of Durban
Betraying the Spirit of World Cup 2010
As espoused by the South African Football Association
And embraced by the Africans

South Africans! !
Xenophobia is un-African
A betrayal of the South African Heroes
Who found refuge in foreign lands
And were emboldened to come back home
And eradicate Apartheid forever
Ushering in the new South Africa
“The Rainbow nation”
“Rainbow” symbolizing peace

Lungelo S Mbuyazi 01 December 2017

Great poem. Please share this poem in all directories....your point need to be heard. 10 ++++

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 17 April 2015

African Gods! ! and the rainbow...Good thought though it is slightly tinted...

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Kenneth Maswabi

Kenneth Maswabi

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