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Yellow Jack Bee

Rating: 5.0

Between window and screen.
A lone bee to be seen.
Cold outside flashing in.
Summer over with stinger pin.
Walking, dancing, frenzy craze.
Flowers wilted, winter haze.
A bee sub comes to the end.
No flower nectar and without friends.

copyright 2008 POEWHIT

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Bele Lele 31 August 2009

Love the imagery, nice poem.

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Patti Masterman 28 August 2009

Lots of wowful artistry here. Incredible writing.

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Tsira Goge 09 June 2009

Beautiful images, in a fantastic way, Sir... 10... Tsira

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Rosse Nor's view is endorsed. nice observation shan

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Antonio Liao 12 July 2010

You have just capture the sting of loneliness....your great my friend... Thank you and God bless...a star and a 10 ++++

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Malaya Roses 05 July 2010

may be the living creature except human always free of liability and identity. everything is real for them and they conclude their life without emotion complication. yet they also survive on certain core necessity. maybe we as human should have a glance for what actually our core of life and soul. interesting poem.

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Samantha Ngoe 23 September 2009

this poem is so great i love it

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Tai Chi Italy 01 September 2009

Awwww poor bee! I guess he buzzed off the planet, literally. Nice work Joe! Glad you managed to nail him without the sting. Smiling at you, Tai

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