Yes William (Lederer) Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

Yes William (Lederer)

So today is the fourth of July,
I shall wear, after lunch my new tie.
There has been a small rumour
about losing their humour
coming down with a sty in the eye.

I once knew a young communist
who kept open his eyes when he kissed.
From New York to La Jolla
he found much paranoia
so he wrote to the man named Bill Frist.

'If the people are always afraid
and attention, unduly, is paid
to those accents in words
and to left-thinking nerds
then a spade is no longer a spade.'

But the senator was too right wing,
and he ordered a nationwide sting.
They decided to keep
those who acted like sheep
as they looked at the loyalty thing.

And the leaders, who acted so cool
passed a new educational rule,
thus the schools had to teach
that you modeled your speech
after what's his name, who was a fool.

And it worked, there was so much less tension
since they outlawed forever dissension.
As for clothes, no more drag
they would all wear the flag
with the stars and the stripes, I should mention.

Then they conquered those foreign oil wells,
while their soldiers went through a few hells.
And while Wallstreet was buying
many mothers were crying
while the scaremonger preaches and sells.

And, one day, when they'd reached a conclusion
which had sprung from a cozy collusion
they had burned those who spoke
and rejected a yoke.
Now the world had become an illusion.

Gina Onyemaechi 05 July 2006

Nothing like a good Wednesday morning giggle. 'A spade is not truly a spade': ya ha ha! ! G.

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