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You Couldn'T - Poem by Tiffani Williams

You couldn’t face all the things I knew I had to say,
because you knew you had already let go, of all I hold on to
and we both knew love wasn’t a game of tug of war,
but we both pulled the strings of the others heart,
until we pulled each other apart
and I could take what I saw within you
but you didn’t like what you witnessed in me
because you learned, I’m just as broken as you.
and you couldn’t take someone who knew
what it was like to just never measure up
and never be good enough,
for yourself. and I handed you everything
I had to offer, the good and the bad.
I never said I would light up your world,
just that I would hold you hand when the night came in
but you wanted me to fix it all,
without you having to do a thing
because you couldn’t handle the fact,
you were wrong,
that you weren’t the only one with enemies so strong
inside of you, fighting you, eating at the heart that beats inside you.
still, after you broke me down, worst that before,
I ignored the pain and I ran to you,
because I know what it’s like to push away
the ones who mean the most
but I couldn’t give up on you, when we were so close,
but we’re both so lost but I wanted to go nowhere with you
and make it somewhere that we could fall in love,
inside of somewhere where the skins are gray,
I wanted to stand by you and we could find the prime colors,
inside each others eyes, and we could paint this black and white
world, with colors only we knew.
but you walked away, pushed me aside
and I watched you say goodbye.
and I knew inside that, we were perfect for each other
and I knew you knew.
but I watched you throw it away,
in search for something that just isn’t coming
because we have to make it.
but I guess you couldn’t find a way
to make it worth it.
to make me worth it.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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