You Don'T Know Who You Are Poem by Elizabeth Grace

You Don'T Know Who You Are

Lost, ever wandering in this
strange wasteland of memories.
time slipping by like a fantasy -
a daydream, forgotten as eyes open.

I see you for who you are
who you want to, are meant to be
but you are scared and I don't know
how to comfort you.

I don't know how
to escape from this hell
this nightmare you trapped me in -
bound my hands and left me in.

I honored you with the title 'best'
a medal pinned to your chest
that you were too ashamed to wear.
I'm sorry my friendship was too much to bear.

So maybe when we meet again
we'll share the fun stories from when we were friends,
and maybe I'll find out it's better this way.
And maybe I'll find out it hurts anyway.

Carry on, you beautiful tsunami.
Flood the shores of my memory
until I'm not strong enough to resist you anymore
and I am carried away with the tide.

With every breath you are flooding out of me
like every word is the life from my lungs
the blood from the side of a savior.
I cannot take in any more of you.

I cannot stop these tears of you from falling.

Victor Adex 08 August 2011

touching, simply amazing

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I pray a bright beam of light comes into your life so that your wonderful talent goes to joy.

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