Bri Mar

'' You Will Always Be My Father '' - Poem by Bri Mar

I dearly loved my Father,
Till I was about twelve years old,
Then he started to go astray,
An affair is what I was told.

I fought with my Mother and Brothers,
They said he was just a rat
He was my reason for living,
My Dad could not do that.

At first he disappeared for days,
I didn't know where or when,
He could have been alive or dead,
But then he'd appear again.

There was never an explanation,
He should have given me that at least,
Then he'd show from out of the blue,
With his gifts from the mystic east.

You left my mum to struggle on,
With five of us in tow,
You let your heart rule your head,
You just didn't want to know.

I never believed you could have an affair,
I kept that in my head,
Until that fateful day I was shown,
You lying in anothers bed.

I never spoke to you for seven years,
That's when fate stepped in,
When I met you in the street one day,
I still felt the love within.

I bonded with you once again,
I unloaded my long held grudge,
Who am I to lecture you,
The Good Lord would be your judge.

You then met your younger siblings,
Whom you had barely known,
It gave you one last chance in life,
To see how they had grown.

You threw away a life of bliss,
But I don't believe you were bad,
To throw away your Wife and Sons,
You had to be bloody mad.

I was with you on the Thursday,
You just wanted to go to bed,
When I went to meet you on Friday,
I was informed that you were dead.

I will be eternally grateful,
For having you back in my life,
Life is really far too short,
To continue a lifelong strife.

So may you rest in peace Dad,
Though it's thirty two years on,
It seems like only yesterday,
I was told that you had gone.

Your wayward ways affected us all,
They had us in a lather,
But regardless of your betrayal,

‘' You Will Always Be My Father ‘'

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