Love Galaxy Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

Love Galaxy

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Desire is similar to the currents and waves in the open ocean. Everything will be blown away if it is not as strong as a rock, and even then it is clear that sometimes it is weathered and sometimes it is abrasion because it is constantly eroded by the waves
Natural causality will never stop growing and developing
Nature will never break its promise; wind, waves and all the interference of the moon and sun become a synergy that will not be found on the planets in any space galaxy. Its orbit has been ordered by God and they all obey as part of piety to Him
Earth is a beautiful haven with exposure to land and sea as if you will never get tired of visiting

From the bottom of the ocean will then burst various coral reef ornaments to produce land. Even the collision between the oceanic plates also sometimes brings disaster is a form of testing and in the end it becomes a benefit for humans
Obviously the shaking of the earth is a sign that they are doing dhikr, it would be impossible for it to move as a form of obedience to the Creator
Blue wind with exotic landscapes, this is the place. Where the manifestation of a small part of heaven is in my realm
The calm of the wind and waves is a sign of the combination of the sincerity of my desire and my feelings to achieve your pleasure

Love Galaxy
Thursday, December 1, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: galaxy,universe,blue planet,pleasure,waves,ocean,ocean waves,wind,manifestation,desire,exoticism
The form of gratitude we offer to God who has presented the beauty of nature and its contents, we should respect what He has given.
David Wood 01 December 2022

Love needs a calm sea and a soft breeze. Great poem.

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Ayatullah Nurjati 01 December 2022

Thank you Mr. David for the compliment. I just unravel the love poem as it is

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Denis Mair 30 March 2023

It is insightful that you emphasize the theme of manifestation. The workings of Nature are a manifestation of divine will. It is a human being's special privilege to be aware of those nurturing energies. This is another level of manifestation.

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Krisna Putraa 14 June 2023

wow this poem is very good and perfect

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Kevin 2906 14 June 2023

don't give up keep running sir

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waww, very goodddd! ! ! !

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Dewi Rahma Dini Dewi 14 June 2023

poetry that is very motivating and beautiful for everyone who reads it, because it tells about the beauty of nature and how nature works

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ANDHIKA SALEH 14 June 2023

MOTIVATED WITH THIS POEM Keep the spirit up, sir

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Dela Dela Kusuma Dewi 14 June 2023

amazing! ! very good story

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naviza aurely 14 June 2023

Chinedu Dike 12 June 2022 A beautiful, descriptive composition insightfully brought forth fervour and conviction.

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