Zoo Days Poem by Shirley Hanley

Zoo Days

How blessed am I
here in the rainforest
with her myriad voices
of unknown birds
and falling waters...

Great place for lunch this
I said, munching
on my sandwich
Of pickles and cheese...

A woman and child stroll by
sidestepping their way
past puddles made of rain...
careful not to go sliding
on the slippery pathway
they smile in agreement
as our eyes meet

Thunder sounds across the caged room...
a rust colored Ibis
comes to check out this interloper
having lunch in his domain...

Quickly he skitters away
frightened by a cell phone using woman
pushing a child in a cart...

Noisily clamoring by
bringing with her the chaos
of the outside world
she quickly disappears
down the path...

Leaving me once again
to the peace
of the rainforest
and the Ibis...

Sam Varghis 07 January 2012

I noticed your poems when I got a comment on my work. Thank you very much for the comments. Here I read your Zoo days and it touched me. I would like to read more of yours. Wish you a happy new year.

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Angel OfGod 24 October 2009

Very discriptive, I was getting annoyed by the women with the phone as I read it through....I'm glad she's gone maybe now we can enjoy our lunch :)

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Matthew Coombe 23 October 2009

Hello, Thank you for you kind comments. I read some of your writing and I especially like this one (Zoo Days) . I love poems like this, that seem to capture a snapshot of the everyday. cheers

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