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Polly Klomp Poems

1. Passion For Disembowelment 6/30/2009
2. Beauty Is Only What You Are. 6/30/2009
3. Behind The Glass 6/30/2009
4. The Way To The Heart 6/30/2009
5. Personal Dellusion 6/30/2009
6. Foggy Hearts 6/30/2009
7. I Have Yet To Get A Clue. 7/17/2009
8. Love, Lust And Sin. 8/13/2009
9. As It Is Up To You. 8/13/2009
10. A Hug, A Touch 8/13/2009
11. A Simple Stone. 8/14/2009
12. Throne Of Muder 8/17/2009
13. Speak With No Emotion 8/24/2009
14. It’s All About The Question 8/24/2009
15. A Painting Turns To Stone. 8/24/2009
16. Born Form Personification. 6/30/2009
17. A Mind Unfold. 6/30/2009

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Best Poem of Polly Klomp

A Mind Unfold.

Numerous sparks are running through my head,
Asking me what to do,
A million thoughts are passing by,
And it’s all about you.

I think I wished for this,
And than it just happened.
I might have dreamed of this,
And I can’t quit.
I don’t know this feeling,
But I unconsciously love it.

My eyes are rolling as I begin to wonder.
Maybe it is meant to be?
Or am I going “down under”?
I think my mind is tricking me.

Do I want to believe it?
Or is it all a lie?
Do we want to do this?
Or am I just not _that_ guy?

As this ...

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Behind The Glass

Convince yourself from this place, it is real and alive
Seeing the men worship him from his grave
Behind the glass of reality they become what they want to be
Seeing through the glasses of an eternal shell, peeking into the other realm.

Embrace the stream of endless gain, clam yourself. You are not alone is this world
Behind the glass, people will look at you, behind this glass people envy you
As they are stuck and you are free. Free to exploit every possibility.

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