Francis Duggan Power Poems

This Thing Known As Power

This thing known as power is an addictive thing
And those who do have it to it try to cling
Abuse of power we do read of and hear of every day
Not all who have power use it in a good way

To Have Power Over Others

To have power over others is something one does not need
For tis only by good example that one can ever lead
And many with power over others their power they do abuse
And for those who abuse others there cannot be an excuse.

Those Who Abuse Their Power

Those who abuse their power over others in their lust for renown
Are those who are letting humanity down
They come in all shades of colors black, white and brown
And are to be found in every village and city and town

'Tis In The Power Of Money

'Tis in the power of money real fame is to be found
And money is always involved where corruption abound
And corruption and human greed to each other live nearby
And why some people are corrupt this could be the answer why

The Lust For Power And Money

The lust for power and money to corruption lead
And some cheat and lie to satisfy their greed
And big Corporations do not have a soul
The avarice that afflicts them their thinking control.

Power And Money

A bad habit they form as a young girl or boy
To have power over others some people enjoy
With personal power some are not satisfied
Their desire for top job they don't try for to hide

The Political Power Game

The little power we have to others we give away
They rule our lives for us we go by what they say
The media they control and only lies from them we hear
They warn of terrorists and terrorism and fill our hearts with fear

There Is Nothing Wrong With Power

'Tis sad to think that many with power abuse it those with power who abuse it weak not strong
There is nothing wrong with having power in the first place it is the abuse of it that is all wrong
For the abuse of power leads to serious crimes against the powerless though power in good hands it is quite okay
And good people with power never do abuse it they use it in the most constructive way

The Lust For Power Is An Addiction

The lust for power is an addiction the Government their own praises do sing
And rubbish their main opposition as to Government they try to cling
The voters bombarded with propaganda right up until election day
The true fact of all politicians is they seldom do mean what they say

We Give Them Our Power

From them only negative stuff we do hear
They tell us who to trust and tell us who to fear
We want to believe the lies to us they tell
They promise Utopia and give us Earthly Hell.

Take Power Off Of The Warring Kind

From Hiroshima to 9/11 proof of man's inhumanity you'll find
To the innocent and unprotected of his fellow humankind
Get rid of nuclear weapons, of bombs, fighter planes and guns
'Tis not for fighting and dying in wars that parents raise their daughters and sons

The Power Of Positive Thought

From radiation treatment his head it is bare
One can say of him he has suffered his share
Given six months to live at this time last year
Yet he does not look like one that death to is near

As Literary Power Brokers

It is said some of the failed writers become literary critics instead
And though well educated and very well read
It should not be up to them for to decide
The winners and losers of the literary divide

As If Life Without Power

As if life without power is a meaningless thing
Ageing political leaders to their power base try to cling
It does seem their egos are out of control
And to garner more power in life their only goal

When Negative People Have Power

When negative people have power they seek to conquer and divide
They refer to the flag of the Nation as a symbol of courage and pride
A big speech at the war memorial where respect by them to the war dead is paid
By their false show of patriotism their foundation to power has been laid

The Lust For Power

For eleven years Prime Minister of the Nation and yet to power he desperately does cling
The lust for power is an extreme addiction and such addictions are not a good thing
You won't hear many say that he is special and you won't hear many say that he is great
Election day with every hour is nearing and the voting public will decide his fate

Those In Positions Of Power

Those in positions of power have friends and quite a few
But to say they too have enemies is not saying anything that's new
Enemies through jealousy or enemies otherwise
That power does bring to one friends and enemies does come as no surprise

He May Have Great Power

He may have great power at his disposal and none as successful as he
But one day he will lay in earth's bosom just like the mighty forest tree
That weakened by age crashes to earth in a storm to die off and slowly decay
What is born out of an act of Nature must return to Nature one day

Goddess Of Nature's Creative Power

I see Goddess of Nature's creative power
In every blade of grass and every flower
Without her nothing could survive or grow
Yet of her ways so little I do know

Of The Power Of The Pen

Of the power of the pen we so often do hear
But the gun or the knife known to instill far more fear
In you than the worst thing about you one could write or say
From a verbal attack you recover though the mental scars may stay

Those With Love In Them Have The Power

With the harboring of a grudge they never could live
Those with love in them have the power to forgive
They are of the compassionate and caring and kind
Wherever they are at happiness you will find

Empathy Is The Power Of Understanding

Empathy is the power of understanding others and is a marvellous gift to have indeed
It is a near relative of compassion and humanity of more of the emphatic in need
One with empathy is one who has compassion for those in life who have been doing it tough
They feel sympathy for the poor and the hungry the people who are living and sleeping rough

If I Had The Power

Since i am not as fragile as a petal of a flower
I too might be dangerous if i had power
For power does corrupt as the wise one does say
And corruption among power brokers is rife in the Human World of today

The Power Brokers Promote

The power brokers promote their own agendas this is what power to them is all about
That their ideas are all that does matter they never does leave us in doubt
Those with a different view to them they classify as the enemy
Not what you would call democratic seems quite autocratic to me

The Power To Do Good

Power over others is something one does not need
But you can make the World better for to live in by your words and your every good deed
And if you are willing to help anyone in need of helping and never drag anyone down
Then you are an asset to your side of the town

Power It Can Corrupt As The Wise One Does Say

You may be a monarch or a president and great honor for yourself win
But this does not mean you are making the Human World better to live in
For if for some reason people are suffering because of you
Then to your own higher self you are not being true

The Power Of Thought

A poor working class fellow in his mind anyway
Yet he owns four houses and it is true to say
That in reality he is one of the wealthiest men in the town
But he has convinced himself he is financially down

The Power To Do Good Only Comes From Within

Of making the World a better World to live in you most certainly can
By becoming a better woman or a better man
Yes you can make the World a better World to live in
The power to do this it does come from within

When Those Who Have Power

For many the price of it is huge for to pay
When those who have power with their power do get carried away
Sadly history can repeat itself does seem true to say
The victims of despots in mass graves do lay

The World's Only Super Power

When i want to see beauty i need not go far
Do not even have to go for a drive in my car
Just a walk to the park and there i do see
The beauty in Nature everywhere around me

In Their Quest For Power

In their quest for power and political renown
Opposing political party members in parliament verbally run each other down
The government and the opposition members about each other do not have any nice things to say
For the sake of power this is the political way

When It Comes To Power And Money

When it comes to power and money between most aspirational people not much trust
Little thought given to honest dealing and doing what is right and just
Money it can cause ill feeling as many have come to realize
And that trust and friendship lose out to it to anyone not a surprise

Some People To Power

Some people to power they do desperately cling
To them it happens to be everything
By narcissistic autocrats millions of people have been oppressed
They can be cruel and dangerous the self obsessed

Power Is A Thing

Power is a thing that is misunderstood
The only people of power worth talking about are those who use their power to do good
Some people use their power in a destructive way
And far too many of their sort in the World of today

Power To Do Good

You can make the World better for to live in
And for compassion and kindness you can record a win
By leading by good example on your side of the town
And in your words never put anyone down

Their Power To Do Good

You can make the World better for to live in
And for compassion and kindness you can record a win
By leading by good example on your side of the town
And in your words never put anyone down

There Is Power In Money

Suppose what always has been can be nothing new
The majority of the wealth and the material assets of the World is owned by the few
And millions of people in extreme poverty
It is money and lack of it creates inequality

The World's Number One Super Power

She will always be the World's number one Super Power
The one who can create a beautiful flower
Yet when she grows angry she causes death and injury and tears and heartbreak
And leave great buildings in rubble behind her in her wake

Human Blood Is Shed For Power

Human blood is shed for power in the African Sun
In Zimbabwe the only law is by the gun
Robert Mugabe now Africa's greatest despot an old man in years
Has turned his Country into a Land of oppression, hunger, Bloodshed and tears

The Sheer Power And Beauty Of Nature

The sheer power and beauty of Nature is something to fear and admire
The writers and artists to write of and sketch her she never does fail to inspire
And yet many of us does take her for granted though off of our Earth Mother we live
We only seem for to take from her and back to her little does give

The Power Of Words

The power of words is awesome then do use your words wisely
And tell the truth at all times the truth will set you free
Of any guilt or regret a far wiser one than i
Said one lie leads to another and to another lie.

We Give Them Their Power

We give them their power and they repay us in fear
And of terrorists and terrorism is all from them we hear
And are we that dumb that we cannot see
That to hang on to their power how manipulative they can be.

Those Who Want Power The Most Always Get It

Those who want power the most always get it and that's how it always will be
And that's why we have wars and famines and that's why we have poverty
The wealthy grow wealthier whilst the poor grow poorer and millions live on the brink of despair
Then suppose it depends on your own situation whether you think life is fair or unfair.

Don''T Surrender Your Power

Don''t surrender your power to others your personal power is your own
Some people look up to their gurus but some gurus they have been known
For to take advantage of their admirers though gurus quite good overall
Some of them do become corrupted and from grace they have been known to fall.

Their Insurance Of Power

A booming economy Government spokes people say
And things looking better with each passing day
And you keep voting for us and you will be okay
Such are the games that politicians do play

Had I The Power

Had I the power to know and see
The good points and the bad in me
A philosopher I would be instead
Of one who walks around half dead.

I Had No Power To Keep You

I had no power to keep you I'll only have you know
That water must flow downhill uphill it cannot flow
You have made your decision and I won't fight to keep you
Since him you do love better and love rings ever true.

Those With Great Power

Those with great power at their disposal only listen to what their like minded say
And whether it be for the good or for the bad they do things their own way
But if in Democratic Countries the voting public on them have gone sour
They get their chance on Election Day for to vote them out of power.

The Secret Power In Music

The familiar tunes the band was playing took her far so far away
To that village in Slovenia and her happy childhood day
These were tunes she heard her father on his old accordion play
Around the fire on Winter evenings such good memories tend to stay.

The Poor Give To The Wrong Type Power

The poor so sad to say do not see far
They vote for one who drives expensive car
And one they don't see after voting day
From where they live he lives long miles away.

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