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When You Are Alone, Single And Deserted

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When you are alone,
single, deserted or lonely at home
when the climate is silent and calm without any sound
or when you feel that there is no one around,
then when you can experience
presence of darkness and the dark night's essence,
even the tick-ticks of the clock can be heard,
along with the sounds of cricket that never goes tired;
When you are scared or frightened
hair-raised, afraid, tensed or panicked,

at that same time when you hear breeze knocking your door
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Friday, November 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: fear
Anita Khelawan 29 December 2015

Such a well written poem.. your descriptive writing is on point... I truly enjoyed your poem... thnx for sharing... and for reading my poem as well.. much thanks

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thanks a lot for your comment.......

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 21 September 2017

nice poem A similar one a gal asked me rather shared with me her loneliness she was alone all day mom and pop went to labour they left her with a servant boy and then learned she had gone into labour such a sad situation should never occur find a companion soon share if necessary with a neighbour but be choosy the world is dicey as the gal above hope you read me slaughter loneliness compose poetry sing a song may be but stay not alone make friends with poets but never get intimate guys only want to be merry then do and run away in a hurry don't forget the gals plight a teen labour she and through a labour homely

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Tapan M. Saren 14 April 2017

Good poem on loneliness....

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Kishore Kumar Das 01 June 2016

Perhaps you have found a medicine for curing loneliness at midnight....but I would appreciate your concern about loneliness.....this is a problem since time immemorial....and the cure lies in the feeling that you are not lonely at any point of time...

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i have seen people who are scared of night, actually this poem is for fun, that when we do such things at night, like switching on a horror movie and all we naturally feel some supernatural force present there, i just wanted to write a poem make it a fun, thank you sir for reading my poem!

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Dev Anand 05 May 2016

this is a beautiful poem. thank you very much for this poem dear poetess. dev

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my pleasure sir! thanks a lot for your comment and for reading my poem too!

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Sanika Khairnar 30 January 2016

i was so taken away by your words pranayee. the flow of dark intrusive feelings and the scary ambiance that you created! ! splendid! ! and your description! ! i am a hopeless fan! !

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thanks a lot my dear friend! ........so nice of your comments..........thank you

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