(un) Beaten Poem by prasanna kumari

(un) Beaten

Rating: 3.8

Am waiting for you, my son
Between us time seems to stand still
I might have failed you, my son
Failed in transmitting love to fill

Once did tears stand like pearls
In my eyes, tenderness beamed
In my dreamy face(eyes) , a girl’s
Mirage, as wife, I a failure deemed

My mother, one for one and truly loveable
Suffering untold pain in life-giving joy
Gone now, but not gone her lullaby’s warble
I admit, ma, I am a beaten toy

My God, tender and kind, turned
His loving eyes towards me
I missed a beat, not responded
I feel a sense of failure deep within me

A teacher I am now, by chances strange
To kindle the spark of quest in you
Nay, shaped you not a burning flame-orange
Curse me not, my child, I am beaten like you

Sculptures I made with the clay of love
They turned out ugly or broke altogether
The sanctum sanctorum has no idol of love
Where I stand with my hands folded together
Offering tears of a beaten soul

Like the ripples of a smooth-flowing stream
My poems and myself have gone so far
Couldn’t you find your sweet day-dream
Reflect in my fancy’s silver-mirror for ever

Don’t you hear my silent songs
My sorrows are your sorrows too
My poems sing best of your pangs
As a poet I am not beaten true

Dr John Celes 29 September 2006

A mother's failures in rearing a child are emotionally described.At the same time, . her own limitations, justifications and trysts with environs of life are well-depicted, entwined with her pining for the love of her child! Good poem, Dr John Celes

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Duncan Wyllie 30 September 2006

This is one of the most touching lines I have read: Gone now, but not gone her lullaby’s warble BEAUTIFUL, Love duncan X

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 30 September 2006

Ne're so precious be a Mothers bond to a Child be... A very impassioned, emotional Penning, Prasanna....Very well expressed, indeed'''''''''''FJR

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Greenwolfe 1962 02 April 2008

This is actually a great deal more than just a poem. This is more like a drama played out on a stage. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this could not become a formal dramatic play. There is certainly enough content here for that. I am very impressed. GW62

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Roy Gotaas 19 June 2008

This is a very lovely work which evokes perhaps extra sympathy in me as a single parent. I thank you for your kind comments on my own work. Sincere regards, Roy

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Ramesh Rai 19 August 2019

Fragrance of Mother's love is exquisite. I tried to find out the truth of the fragrance but failed. As if the stream of the poem is sprouted directly from your heart.

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Unnikrishnan E S 10 September 2016

Don’t you hear my silent songs My sorrows are your sorrows too My poems sing best of your pangs As a poet I am not beaten true. This is how a mother identifies herself with her offspring. Through unblemished unselfish love. Nice poem. Thank you for sharing.

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 01 March 2015

Beautiful poem that begins in tears and ends in hope: 'My poems sing best of your pangs As a poet I am not beaten true' Truly a great write.

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Captain Herbert Poetry 27 April 2014

Cry is the silent song. Beautiful poem

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No mother ever fails her son Even if it be in deeds seemingly undone For whats hidden in her heart will one day become The true song of glory every grown up, child will sing for mom..... (Yes, as a poet you are unbeaten...true! Well expressed and great poem)

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