Pratikshya Sedhain Poems

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Lovers Bound

If you are heart, I wanna be your beat.
If you are cake, I wanna be your sweet.

If you are kite, I wanna be your flight.

Child Right

Government should provide children their right,
if not provided, their future won't be bright.

Society should stipulate the rights provided,

Emoiticon's Relation

People who talk too much,
wants to crate a secrecy pouch.
People who easily start crying,
are encouraged not to do trying.

Love Song

Mero maya...
mero jiwan...

Mad In Love

I want to fly in the sky,
along with you, winning the shy.

I want to go in the market,

Friend's Character

My friends read a lot
morning day and night
They love each other
But always ready to fight

Tears: Last Gift Of Love

An unexplained mystery, mysterious in itself
'Happiness, anger and sadness', filed in a shelf
Feelings mixed up together in ones heart
LOVE is that ocean in the whole earth

Loving Personality

A girl walking is so simple,
her cheeks are white with two dimple.

She is always busy in her phone calls,

Mad Friendship

I hate all white colored rose,
And all medicine of high dose.

My all friends have their nick names,

My Hometown

My father, my mother
As well as my brother
Lived their life over here
Me with my cute little friends