Moaning Bird Poem by Queeny Gona

Moaning Bird

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I used to fly all over the world
Chirping along with my flock
Flying round and round and round
But now I am all alone caged here
Missing my friends and family
Above all, my freedom.
My feelings! The selfishmen never care
Chained me, wore me and tore me
My body, mind and soul their slaves.
A helpless tiny bird in hostel
What can she look forward to?
Will ever freedom come my way!

Dev Anand 05 May 2016

a wonderful nature poem. the singing of the morning bird....... thalnk you very much. dev

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Bharati Nayak 09 December 2015

The famous philosopher Rousseau said 'Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains'No one is totally free.It is always a combination of freedom and restraint.We are bound by rules, regulations, social customs and laws of the society.These laws are framed to regulate our behaviour and for the betterment of society.It depends how you perceive a situation 'Mind'is the only domain where one can enjoy total freedom.The key is how to feel free even under restraints.Thanks Queeny for your thought provoking poem which made me ponder over the question of freedom.

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It is hard to handle full freedom. Sometimes confinement is needed for the meantime of our youth. Wonderful poem

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Valsa George 21 August 2014

Such occasional confinement is nice Queeny! Even the hostel life, you can enjoy! There also you may have a flock of birds of a same feather, if you identify! Only thing, your sky won't be as vast as what you had earlier! You have successfully captured the ennui felt by a home loving girl in a hostel! Enjoyed!

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Harindhar Reddy 10 October 2012

Hello write one sweet lyric queen! Very sad but still i know the value of it! U have done it in style!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 30 July 2022

Flying around round and round... beautiful

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 10 January 2020

Birds are created to fly free in the sky or to wherever they want to go. They should not be put in a cage. A vivid portrayal of infringement of freedom. A poignant write with great imagery.

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Cheer up oh moaning bird. You could learn the value of freedom whilst you have been caged. One day the cage will be too small to hold you and then you can fly across the horizon; be patient and wait....10

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 April 2019

A bird never misses the way to nest. Bird has freedom to fly. A helpless tiny bird should get help. A nice imagery along with emotion is very well penned and shared.10

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Tom Allport 26 May 2017

a poem of a sad bird locked away with no more freedom to fly away? so it now sits and sings a moaning song probably for it's life long! ..................well written.

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