Rajan T Renganathan Poems

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Raven On The Roof

Since morning, he started caw caw
On the plush white minaret
Too loud for other creatures
Despite being useless, why is he shouting?

Poets And Poems

We are poets,
Like any creator,
we only use our minds
when we write and create.

Tricks Of The Trade, All Poets Are Not Fake..

Tricks of the trade, all poets are not fake,
With ink and words, their artistry they make.

Some use metaphors, others use rhyme,

Join Me To Wish Happy Birthday To - M. Asim Nehal

Your adaptability on this platform is remarkable,
your verse sparkles everywhere monumental,
you are equally cherished by all the poets of this forum
and I offer my respects on your birthday.

Power And Arrogance

They say ' Vinaash kaale vipareet buddhi'
A rough translation in English would be:
When one's destruction time is soon to arrive,
one thinks un-intelligently or negatively.

A Tinge Of Past

At the fag end of life
when no one is around
Just me and my memories
Stay together to see the life

Write Sincere Comments ~

When you have read and understood the poem,
then only comment.
Don't write or review just to appease someone -
- or for name sake.

Great Lies! ! !

How shameless these politicians are?
They keep lying with false promises,
I am sure, if we cut their veins,
instead of blood, only greed

Once there was a chicken, small and light,
who dreamed of soaring great heights.
She gazed up high at the bluest of skies,
and wished she could be up there, way up high.

हो जाने दो....

छोड़ दो खुला दिल को आज प्यार हो जाने दो
हसरत कहीं रह जाये न बाक़ी इज़हार हो जाने दो

चार दिन की ज़िन्दगी में क्या तू-तू मै-मै करना

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