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Since morning, he started caw caw
On the plush white minaret
Too loud for other creatures
Despite being useless, why is he shouting?

We are poets,
Like any creator,
we only use our minds
when we write and create.

Tricks of the trade, all poets are not fake,
With ink and words, their artistry they make.

Some use metaphors, others use rhyme,

Your adaptability on this platform is remarkable,
your verse sparkles everywhere monumental,
you are equally cherished by all the poets of this forum
and I offer my respects on your birthday.

They say ' Vinaash kaale vipareet buddhi'
A rough translation in English would be:
When one's destruction time is soon to arrive,
one thinks un-intelligently or negatively.

At the fag end of life
when no one is around
Just me and my memories
Stay together to see the life

When you have read and understood the poem,
then only comment.
Don't write or review just to appease someone -
- or for name sake.

How shameless these politicians are?
They keep lying with false promises,
I am sure, if we cut their veins,
instead of blood, only greed

Once there was a chicken, small and light,
who dreamed of soaring great heights.
She gazed up high at the bluest of skies,
and wished she could be up there, way up high.

छोड़ दो खुला दिल को आज प्यार हो जाने दो
हसरत कहीं रह जाये न बाक़ी इज़हार हो जाने दो

चार दिन की ज़िन्दगी में क्या तू-तू मै-मै करना

Devil, oh Devil, I see you sneaking around
11 ways to curse you, I promise to astound
I'll turn your inferno to an icy wasteland
and strip you of all powers, you'll beg for a helping hand

From our busy schedule
It taught us to slow down
Ponder on things we overlook
Respect relationships, keep nurturing

When applied, when agreed for test?
I am not aware but reaching the test center
I wonder how I accepted the syllabus
when paper seems to be tough and

How can you expect others to read your poems
if you don't read what others have written?

Life is nothing more than a series of transactions in which

I created an Artificial Intelligent machine and named it - SUPRA
It had all the commands,
I needed to get the work done and follow me
In all my excitement I tested it, wow came first.....

As it twirls and swirls and glides,
the crowds gather and their hearts collide,
cheers erupt with every stomp and beat,
this dragon dance is quite a feat.

I don't mind if my best friend joins
me and my wife to see a comedy film;
he won't be 'Kabab Mein Haddi.' - A third wheel.
But if he insists on accompanying us

Falling leaves in autumn, oh how divine,
a beauty that nature continues to refine,
crunching underfoot as we pass by,
as they pile up, reaching high to the sky,

In Manipur, violence runs so high,
the government chooses to ignore and deny.
the people are crying, they demand justice,
but their voices go unheard, leaving them hopeless.

To achieve eternal life, he is challenging limits
defying norms and expanding the variants

What sets him apart, beyond his depraved notions

Rajan T Renganathan Biography

I was destined to compose verses, since the moment I entered this world I uttered in rhythmic patterns da da, ba ba, na na, which ultimately shaped me as a poet. However, I must admit that as I have aged for 90 years, my fondness for excessive rhyme has diminished.)

The Best Poem Of Rajan T Renganathan

Raven On The Roof

Since morning, he started caw caw
On the plush white minaret
Too loud for other creatures
Despite being useless, why is he shouting?
Who exactly assaulted him?
No, nothing of the sort.
He frequently shouts in this manner
to attract attention and complains
while acting the victim.
Despite being intelligent and smart,
he nevertheless maintains an illusion
that someone is harming him.
A stone was thrown at him
after showing patience for a while
in order to scare him away.
He took off while yelling 'caw caw caw.'

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