Thin Is In Poem by Reshma Ramesh

Thin Is In

Rating: 3.7

Thin is in, thin is in
Bodies like paper, thin as fin
Thin as pencil, anemic skin
Portfolio of ribs, crying within

Thin is sin, Lady in size zero
Extra extra small, she is our hero
Skinny, emaciated, walks in a bolero
Anorexic fingers, she counts her dinero

Little dainty girls what do they know?
Ain't their fault, they want to glow
Models, they are just on the show
Wearing wedding gowns that flow.

Bowl of fruits to plum the lips
Longing for tasty fish and chips
Bowl of nothing to slim the hips
The show is killing them, tidy tips

Anemic profile, not thin by nature
Tired smiles, scrawny by nurture
Bag of bones are our fashion future
Room full of applause, shame on our culture

Designers and mothers looking for fame,
Playing with little girl's psyche, so lame
Barbie dolls don't faint they always claim
Dropping dead in designer clothes, what a shame!

A lady with curves can't she hold the lamp?
Can't a voluptuous woman be our champ?
Don't they have smiles with a million amp?
Oh why? Don't healthy curves fit the ramp?

(UK News
London fashion week refuses to ban ultra-thin models...

Dedicated to all the young models who died trying to get into the
designer clothes..) .

Loyd C Taylor Sr 06 October 2008

Hello Reshma. I loved this poem and the strong message and warning, the concern and senstiviyt in your writing. Good insight and good read. Loyd, sp

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Chitra - 04 October 2008

a nice way of satirising the plight of the in-vogue factor

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Tom Golding 03 October 2008

Agreed. It's a disgrace and should be barred. Future generations will shake their heads but that won't help this lot. Keep it up. Tom

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Waqas Naeem 03 October 2008

I'm with you on this one! Cheers

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Gaitty Ara 03 October 2008

A good choice of the topic... well written.. keep it up!

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Rajnish Manga 11 September 2017

Thin is in, thin is in.... Bodies like paper, thin as fin Thin is sin, Lady in size zero Can't a voluptuous woman be our champ? Oh why? Don't healthy curves fit the ramp? ..... //..... It is heartening to note that you have hit hard on those issues which have a bearing on the thoughts of young boys and girls and can adversely affect them. Thanks.

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Sadiqullah Khan 16 October 2008

I like thin models, , , , , , , , , the observation and the freshness of thought is excellent, , modern and crisp, , a 10 from me

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Ashley Ormon 12 October 2008

Beautiful message and this is so true.

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June Feir-Cruz 06 October 2008

Thank you for this poem.....We can't all be a size o or 21 :) what good news! ! ! At 50 and I still fit on size 30 hipster jeans and able to care for my family: I am BLESSED! !

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Debbie Kean 06 October 2008

Reshma, that's great! An excellent message - I can see voluptuous women in my mind, and I'd like to see them in the magazines... (A funny thing, I am thin by nature, and I wish I were voluptuous!) Deb

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