August Sun Poem by Rhonda Baker

August Sun

Rating: 3.5

The birth of August is upon us, as the fair haired sun rises in the sky
With songs of the cicada unwinding, the sand hill Cranes sail by
The heat is hovering all around us, we feel heavy in it's grip
To break free from it's bonds, from it's clutches we must rip
Shade gives little relief, to this melting, bending soul
A river full of water, is not enough to quench this foe
Only darkness breaks the curse, that the day could not hide
Relief is but short...and that too must subside
For August is just arriving, her journey's just begun
It's only just beginning; her moment in the sun

Thursday, July 31, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: August
Edward Kofi Louis 07 June 2011

Great piece of work. Thanks for sharing it with us. E.K.L.

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Viola Grey 21 September 2008

I love that in this huge world of ours the fact that the month may bring different weather down here, but the sentiment is not can feel the temperature within this piece...great work

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Frank Cannon 06 August 2008

I mop my brow in appreciation. Hot stuff.

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silver phoenix 31 July 2008

effort is well noticed, very well written. Please check some of my work too and rate it and or comment it, Thankyou. Kilian

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