No Place To Hide Poem by Rhonda Baker

No Place To Hide

Rating: 4.0

The dark is a coming will I make it another day?
Sleep won't come and the days on replay
My heart is so brittle, threatening to break all-apart
No adhesive made to mend this little heart
Surrounded by people, but lonesome is my soul
The dark is coming with no place to go
Feelings of happiness seem foreign to me
Waiting for some joy to finally set me free
The Poet longs to write this world a better place
But the words are lost on this whole human race
I shouldn't worry and just go along for the ride
But the dark is coming with no place to hide
I can only see life through these hazel colored eyes
The feeling of pain comes as no surprise
Anger is quick coming from every direction
With no penalty or the slightest correction
Some days it takes all of me just to abide
The dark is coming with no place to hide
I was born kicking and screaming into the light
But when I die…I'll go quietly into that goodnight
Letting go of this world and all of the drama
Rescuing my soul from any further trauma


Saadat Tahir 23 June 2014

The dark is coming with no place to hide......! this recurring theme in the poem is powerful and catchy.. it sets the tone for the overall effect nice touching poem conveys the feelings well liked

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Valerie Dohren 16 October 2012

Well written and well rhymed - very expressive.

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Dennis Fenton 09 October 2012

This poem is well written. I do hope the Author sees the other side because there is more joy on the side with the light!

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