The Day Nature Sang A Love Song Poem by Ronald Doku

The Day Nature Sang A Love Song

Rating: 5.0

'Kokrookoo' was the rude awakening at dawn
From a strange rooster I never heard before
'Tweet Tweet' the little birds from outside chirped in
'Ooooo' I sighed, not another boring work day
'Boo Woo Woo' the neighbor forgot to chain Sly, his Pitbull
'Shhhhhhhh' I sneaked out the back door
To avoid waking my mom, and encountering the fierce Sly
'Huuuuuuu' I could hear the ghastly wind as i walked
'Kreee Kreee' I relished the sound of my feet crushing dried leaves
'Kree Kree.... Puff' Holy @#% I just stepped on dog poop
'Tap Tap' were the sound my feet made when I ran back home
'Don't forget to take an umbrella dear
I just heard there is gonna be a heavy down pour today'
My mom warned after I wore new shoes
'Tick Tock' I could hear the clock ticking
Oh my God I am going to miss my bus
'Buzz Buzz' a bee flew around a rose flower
A foreign looking lady sold at the bus stop
I stretched my hand to swat the fly
'Uno dollar' was what the lady said
She thought I wanted to buy the rose
And what she said was the only english she spoke
Reluctantly, I paid for the rose
Because the lady never understood any other thing I said
My bus had come, and I took it to work
The first person I saw at work was the lovely Diana
The only woman I loved aside from my mother
She smiled at me, and asked me this
'Oh what a lovely flower, did you buy it for me'
'Bang Bang' my heart began to beat
The lady of my dreams had just spoken to me
'Y-e-a, it is for you' I stammered
She smiled, took it, and walked away
Oh what a joyous a day!
That smile was priceless
My day was soon over, time to leave
And it was raining outside
Just like mama said would happen
Thank God I brought my umbrella
Just as I was about to leave
Diana caught up with me
She asked to join me
For she didnot bring anything to protect her
Together we walked and talked under my umbrella
A feeling so magical had swept over me
'Chiichiichii' the rain splashed to the ground
The first time ever I really listened to its beautiful sound
'Booom Booom' the sound of the powerful thunder followed
Blending perfectly with the sound of the rain
Nature indeed makes the perfect music
I realised I had much in common with the woman I loved
That night in the rain was the beginning of something beautiful
Love i found through nature's help

Kristina B; Williams 18 July 2009

yes this poem is different, yet original, gave you a and i almost have the same, but different style of poem writing, please check out my 2 new latest, naive, and she will never

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Obinna Eruchie 16 July 2009

A nice poem with a bright tone.

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David Harris 15 July 2009

Ronald, the sounds of nature blended well into this lovely poem. It keeps the reader reading as they are played out. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Azcuena Acosta 15 July 2009

it was a very visual sweet..i think everyone feels that way

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Sir Jasper 15 July 2009

Sensual and sensitive. I heard the sounds and the feelings. Great piece, Ronald. Sir Jasper

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