Grim Days Poem by Ronald Strickland

Grim Days

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I have laughed,
I have cried,
I have friends that I had to tell goodbye.
I have retained the kindness we shared,
I will never forget the friendship we shared.
Seeing each other in a world where skin has no color.
Everyone is a sister and brother.
Footprints left behind that carry me forward,
leaving behind only greatness in the minds of
those who will remember.
Heartbreaks that have given me grim days
and thoughts of why life brought such pain my way.
When the grim days are gone and with the scars left behind,
does it really make me stronger?
Maybe so, for I cry no longer.

Louise 18 January 2018

I Have Often Wonder that myself why life brought such pain, But i just pickup and move on..I keep in my mind each day something good will come from all the pain we have felt..But i know in my heart that right person that can understand the person i am is out there..we just haven't found each other.Love this poem

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Lyn Paul 16 January 2018

A lovely poem on the heartaches of life.

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Ronald Strickland

Ronald Strickland

LaFayette, Georgia
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