The plant grew in all its glory
To spell its splendid story..

In baited breath it waited,

You leave your footstep with an imprint.
Regardless I’m lined and padded with dust and grime.
You wipe and scour your shoe to shine,
Stamp me with sand and scraps, which is apparent.

I’m here. I scream, I shout.
No one, nobody hears me out.
I am shunned. Pushed. Stamped, & Throttled,
No one knows cares. I’m cobbled…

I am not conversant with the Bhagavad Gita,
Nor the Holy Koran.
I am not familiar with the Bible,
Nor understand the Buddhist Chants.

The thrill at gazing at the sea,
Waves thundering ‘gainst the rocks you stand,
Sensing the breeze on your face, swimming in the frothy waters–
In a while, collecting sea shells along the sandy beach;

Jinx Inx was her name, Inx.jinx@gmail her email.
She bought a scale on sale to measure the length of her nail.
But the nail polish got stuck on the scale.
Jinxed went blue and let out a wail!

Psalm 91: Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”

A beggar limped with arms outstretched
His voice more worn, than the clothes he wore.
Ammaaa….. Dharmaaa he wailed, raking his stick across the ground.
Peering as far as his eyes could see, into our house.

Eyes glassy, like saucers staring at blank walls;
Saliva drooling through mouth bereft of speech.
Hands thumping faster, than a tap dancer’s feet.
Their laugh as silent as the prey in a wolf’s mouth.

Once again a hollow burrows in me,
Once again, she is packed and ready to fly.
Sometimes I see her speculating – Sometimes, it is me.
Only Questions… and perhaps, it is the same for her too.


On foot over mountains and valleys I pass,
I swim the tides over streams deep;
I tug my lass; yank my cow, my sheep,
And ache within to see it so.

Round and round, like a spiral disc;
Oozing with syrup and laced with sugar;
Entwined loops, nectar kissing swirls;
Thick and juicy, thin and crispy – temptingly curled;

Whispering Love
Did the sweet nothings mean naught to you?
I waited un-satiated, infatuated - by the gate.
I cried unending tears, and breathless race up the mountain top


Categorized by intellect; Cataloged by handicap.
Molded by genes and sperms.

Lost halfway ‘Neath the canopy,
Discarded after great fanfare.
Trumpets blew at the fairy tale nuptials;
And the delightful wedding march.


He gave me strength, to face challenges.
Power, to shrivel my failures.
Salute my skills and gifts.
Taught to abide rules of guidance.

If the hypothesis of a cent per cent, on exam Test papers,
Is equaled to the best jobs on the planet;
Then the theory of a poorer cent will see you clearing tables?
This concept has stumped the most baffled!

He made the rivers flow down
And saw it had neither rhythm nor a single Pulse
He saw the trees sway
But too silently – without any Grace.

When time bound life race through strife’s;
When comrades tune to blow their horns;
And money in tons is the element that talks;
Laughter turns to snuffle And Smiles to sneers;

Every time I gazed, my footprints washed away,
Any sign of showing, I left it, unmistakably there.
Finally I decided to prod and press with all my might,
The white silvery sand; so to leave an impression;


One In A Million

The plant grew in all its glory
To spell its splendid story..

In baited breath it waited,
To see the bud bloom,
From its pinkish plume.

It sprung out - bright and red;
And cherrily said
“Mama I'm here, I'm here,
This garden is so cozy, so dear”
All too soon...

Tender hands reached down to pluck,
To take this flower
From its mother's bower.

“I want to stay- To stay”
mother had nothing to say
'stop! ' or 'Let go the strings? '
Cut the binding rings? ”

“Would you stay clinging, to my roots?
Or courageously start your own shoots?
“Would you be a Dandylion?
Or dare to be - One in a million!

The little flower looked up - smiled and said
“No matter what -No matter where.
Maybe sometimes, I feel unfair
I'm going to see the world and share
Bold, Courageous- I dare!

'Cause my mother let go..
For me the world to know..
Yet hold on to those hands
When trouble on me lands.

I've grown, Solid and Strong;
Today I know Right from Wrong;
Successful! I stand -Complete
With a smile all I – Greet.
Proud and Victorious
Smiling and Joyous
I am
One – In a Million


Ging Taping 14 February 2016

Hi friend! how are u? where are you now? any updates from you?

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Valsa George 02 October 2015

Roop Rekha Bhasker, though a new entrant to PH is a poet whose poems I cherish with their fervent humanistic appeal and flawless diction. As one with a good command of language and the gift of imagination, I hope she will soon draw greater attention. Sincere and true to life and the people with whom she closely associates, I feel she can be seen as a reliable friend! Let more and more great poems flow from her pen! I wish her all success!

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I like perfect clothes. I like perfect shoes; But i like friends, as mad as i am made.

I am right when I ignore people who hurt me to the core. Because, I am not an Angel. I am not wrong to give them another chance when they want to mend themselves; Because, God would do so

I dress up To feel Happy To feel good To see myself beautiful To feel comfortable. And I feel Happy- when my family love what i wear Feel good - when friends like my style and color Feel comfortable - to move without embarrassment Because They make me feel - ME.

You need not always Win to Succeed. You only need to improve and learn something new, To feel Successfully Fulfilled. You may not always succeed while helping someone. You succeed with the thoughts, hope and action you took to help them.

Knowledge from books is limited and controlled. True knowledge is the skill of how well you use that you learn from books and bind it with what you learn from life's experiences.

Knowledge from books is limited and controlled. True knowledge is the skill of how well you use that you learn from books and bind it with what you learn from life's experiences.

Sometimes… To lie and save a life is worthier and more painful than the truth that kills.



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