Drones Will Be Using For Sending Greetings Poem by Ruby Mostazir

Drones Will Be Using For Sending Greetings

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Destruction all over da world


Massacre everywhere …….
World seems so silence!
No savior to protect them?
One after another going ahead
For this curtain massacre …as it
Their destiny? ? ?

Earth seems so unkind & friendless
No steps taken by peace keeping organizations
Where is Arab league,
Where is Muslim brotherhood,
Peace loving peoples fall long breath silently,
Silence can't be an option any more!
Now its time to break this silence....

We have to break the chain
That binds our soul;
We have to awaken our own savior
Who is sleeping inside us.
We can't afford to wait for jesus (Pbuh)
We can't afford to wait for any miracle
our earth going to lose its peace
while the world dithers.....

Lets dream for a peaceful earth;
No guns!
No clash!
No war!

It sounds pretty good that Usa sends some drones
with roses to
North Korea......

Drones will be using for sending greetings (in a flash) .

Wahab Abdul 08 June 2013

wow! its a great poem... drones should be sent to drop roses.. excellent......10

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 June 2013

we have lost all faith, love, care and trust for each other.we are heading for destruction and human greed is responsible for that.nobody cares about suffering of the poor.those who have money have power and they use them to annihilate the weak and peace loving people.we are going through real bad time.wish your ink will serve as an eye opener.nice write.keep up the good work.

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Danny Draper 10 June 2013

Drones are the weapones of cowards and dehumanise not so much the targets but the mind of the people controlling them and in tern the nations that send them. A drone is a way to instill fear when friendship is not even considered. A good poem and peace is our only future. Hatred has no future.

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David Wood 10 June 2013

A lovely poem. Poets can change the world with their poems. This poem needs to be in every newspaper that government ministers read.

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 23 June 2013

A universal call USA is sending the Drones and you know UNO is mending the drone / One thing Drone never dies with natural death but dies with starvation (Honey Bee) 10

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 March 2019

excellent poetic compassionate expression on the chaotic world and dweller's discrepancy

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Rajnish Manga 08 August 2017

You have a heart of gold like all men and women who dream of a world devoid of mindless violence and terror and driven by love, compassion, kindness and peace. Thanks a lot. I quote: Massacre everywhere …….World seems so silence! No savior to protect them? .... Silence can't be an option any more! Now its time to break this silence.... We can't afford to wait for jesus (Pbuh)

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Ruby Mostazir 14 December 2013

tthnks for ur lovely additions in urdu..yes i can understand urdu & hindi both @ Ali Mohammad

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Muhammad Ali 05 December 2013

sis, along with your voice, my soul also screams NO GUNS, NO WEAPONS. We have deep droned something inside us. Afterwards, these drones are leathel to life but not to a nation now. If you can understand in urdu, i will say, utha k dil sy, haram me rakha. jisy haram sy utha raha hun. aik jannat sy aa nikal kr. main aik jannat jala raha hun. haey mitti ka hoga aadam. phr uski mitti bana raha hun. hoping better future for mankind. regards.

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Kanav Justa 03 December 2013

... sending roses through drones sounds so interesting... wonderful imagination....

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