A Divine Thought Poem by Saeed Jan

A Divine Thought

Rating: 3.5

Thou with fiery brilliant charm
Will One day softly pass in calm
Like the embers burn and blow
Leaving ash and lose the glow
The beauty of thou feel proud
Will wear a milk white shroud
Thy dust made body into dust
on breast of the earth be thrust
So listen the bard with note divine
Spread the love and always shine! !

Xelam Kan™ 12 November 2012

super yar......read it but will comments later, , , , dear Jan seems that u r under divine care nowadays

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Payal Parande 12 November 2012

brilliant what must be said just brilliant..................

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Maria Young 13 November 2012

This is just amazing. very very very deep. Good work

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 15 November 2012

Ah so poetically factual, wow! A superb poem. Yeah we wud return n merge with dust whether beautiful eh. So true n i admire d shinin remarkable lines n vote for it.

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Yasmin Khan 27 August 2013

Love is divine and it shines forever. You've expressed it nicely.

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Vipins Puthooran 23 November 2012

'tis a good spiritual poem/

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Nadia El Bast 16 November 2012

Great poem! It will touch the soul Saed keep going

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Kevin Halls 16 November 2012

A nice spiritual poem Saeed well written with some nice poetic lines. Worthy of a nine out of ten!

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Jahan Zeb 15 November 2012

Wow Saeed. You are truly something. Something fantastic this piece is. I really loved this poem. the metaphors similes and every figure of speech is used masterfully. milk white shroud) (dust made body into dust) (Like the embers burn and blow) and many more. They carry grand message. Fantastic

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