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From the outside
you look perfectly apple-like
Rounded and pink
Rosy Skin

Two angelic figures
sit in quiet reflection
They are mesmerising,


Forest green
Slick shine
Tongue pink
Sticky long

In a sonnet you would be desire
I would lust for you: heartache.
In a limerick you would be humour
I would laugh with you: heartache.

An island of green
Pavement and curb
Lap at its shores
Hemmed in by roof tops.

Red tulips, cherry blossoms
beckon the honeybees
Softly seducing
Sweet nectar.

Frantic and gentle
Time wraps happy hands
Round lily white limbs
Waking embers of a dying fire

Your voice carries softly
In the midnight wind
Heavy lids fight approaching sleep
Hanging on your gentle words.

I can see behind those eyes
To all the pain locked up inside
To all the hurt that's gone before
The need the want to be loved

My hopeful heart swells
Rises softly
Through starry skies

Tear drops like fresh dew
hold your reflection in neat purity
forbidden and untouched

You are out of reach
my long arms stretch but
never grasp.
Childlike on tiptoes

I can not stop it once it starts
it flows out of me in parts.
The words they dissect
scrutinise and sometimes rhyme.

It's infinite space, stars bulging, floating
Planets colliding, merging brave new world's
It's vast blank pages ready to be writ,
Words wait for creation, solace in ink.

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The Rotten Apple

From the outside
you look perfectly apple-like
Rounded and pink
Rosy Skin

You sit in the
Fruit bowl like
The others
Juicy and unassuming

But you are hiding
A dark secret
Are rotten
To the core.

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