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Oh Mother

Forgive me mother, for I have sinned,
those deeds shamed you and drowned me in guilt.
Forgive me also for those selfish acts,
which ached your temples and burdened your heart.

Only If...

Pretending to have him,
Tossing back your head and laughing.
Flapping your pretty lashes with a shiver,
He vanishes when you look in the mirror.


The childhood’s innocence ended,
When with him, you blended.
Now it remains a far away memory,
Of imitating your mother in a red sari.


Her mind hinted desertion,
While her heart wept for preservation.
Her cold skin ached for warmth
But her eyes saw the wrath.

Recreating You

For those 10 seconds of euphoric high I live,
in a delusional state
the entire time of the day.
So that when the high hits me and

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