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Only If...

Pretending to have him,
Tossing back your head and laughing.
Flapping your pretty lashes with a shiver,
He vanishes when you look in the mirror.

Running your hand over your arm,
Touch arousing desires with incomparable charm.
Smoothing your hair, you sit in a perfect attitude,
But a glance at the mirror reminds you of your solitude.

The bedspread exposes your pale skin,
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Thursday, December 3, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death,lonely,longing,pretence
Prof Manu Mangattu 04 April 2016

Great poetry! I am reminded of the short story Widow by Gudipat Venkat Chalam. The emotional turmoil of a widow is beautifully evoked in the poem. Thanks for sharing..

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Sanika Khairnar 06 April 2016

thank you sir.

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Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla 26 December 2015

hey Sanika, , a very nice poem to read dear...not just because of the rhyming of ur poem but the concept and feel is also too good.....keep writing my friend..all the best!

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Sanika Khairnar 30 January 2016

thank you for commenting so religiously pranayee. i am really touched. i tried to portray a widow who is a tumble of emotions without her lover. thanks again! !

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Shakil Ahmed 03 December 2015

You clothe and paint your face, but black tears smudges your gaze. as you lift a stone and shatter the mirror, thus murdering the gruesome reminder. Nice flow of rhythm, well composed poem, thanks for sharing

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Sanika Khairnar 07 December 2015

thank you for commenting! !

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