I Need My God Poem by Sara Here

I Need My God

Rating: 5.0

Life is not so lovely or so sweet
It is full of struggle and defeat
Dying alone lonely with or without love
Your love can not stop orders from above

When money and sex are your aim
Man hate and fight with no shame
Toddlers are born to hate one another
In a world of tyranny no one has a brother

In the past we used to say hatred won’t last
Men will civilize themselves... love‘ll persist
But now perceiving the world as a big screen
On which you know everyone by every mean

Men are still drinking hatred sips
This will alter Jesus’ tips and steps
Where are You God where are you?
Where is Your justice? Is it here I argue!

Mercy love justice and forgiveness
Are those Your names or lost in forgetfulness?
Are You leaving us living to see what we‘ll do
Or leaving us in misery, if so please let us subdue

Had Jesus been sent for all in one
To expiate father Adam’s sin
We quiet need thousands of Jesus
To atone for sinners being oblivious

Merna Ibrahim 24 November 2009

Oh! ! A very powerful and sensational message sent perfectly....

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Omar Ibrahim 26 July 2009

GOD is here with us....i know our world is world of tyranny.......but when it is the end of time.....GOD will give every fellow what he deserve...

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Akram Awadat 08 April 2009

very beautiful poem, well done

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~ Jon London ~ 10 March 2009

So much understanding, so much feeling. Outstanding

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