My Tomb Poem by Sara Here

My Tomb

Rating: 5.0

In my grieve surrounded by a grave
Lived many days never thought it is that grave
Melancholy I am now more than lonely
Besides I hear strife a male with a knife

Other graves have many people lying alive
They sing with God’s hymns five
I hear them and long for saying many
But my tongue is tightened I can’t say any

I see you fearful devil
On earth you weren’t so evil
You accompanied me
A piece of art I thought you‘ll be

Please get away for a minute
Need to have a rest of your glimpse amidst
Those entire agonies and fires friend
Get away let me be released a moment

I do not want to be a devil
That is why I am sending little
Of what I am suffering down
Lest some one say God forgive his frown

So people up there
say forgive us here
for we scream and shout
And none feels or hears a sound

Those semi-angels song annoys
For I like it but can’t make except noise
Watch your life deeds and friends
Or else u will be among us no offence

Omar Ibrahim 26 July 2009

your poems are interresting! ! keep writing please!

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Zeinab Sherif 18 June 2009

really, really a fantastic poem i'm touched by it.10+++++++

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Merna Ibrahim 03 January 2009

i really like it its main theme is attracive and its title too

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