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I was born an identical twin. Mostly, it was fun to be a twin. Total strangers would come up to me and hit me on the upper arm and say, " Oh, so you're being a snob today! I know you saw me; you looked right at me" . also, people tended to think we were exactly alike in character but I was a bit more shy than she was and came on slower while my twin was more boisterous.

My twin was born close to 20 minutes before me. Our personalities were very different. The lady who tended to us while our parents worked told me my twin got all the initial attention because she was so active and responsive, while I just lay there quietly as if I was in deep thought thinking about something important...[I probably was! ]

She told me her heart went out to me from the first because of thi ...

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M Asim Nehal 09 October 2018

We have something in common and that is you are one of the twins and by Almighty's grace I have twin sons. I can relate to your story as I have seen them growing inch by inch, now they are in High School. Anyways, You are a fantastic poetess on PH, I never miss anything you write. Your poems are very close to the realities and always justifies the title you chose for them, May God Bless you with good health and sound mind (I am little selfish here since I want you to write more and more poems)

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Fabrizio Frosini 09 March 2016

what a great story of your life, in your bio, dear Sara! I enjoyed reading it. And your poems, too. Thank you so much for visiting my pages.. maybe your Italian (from Sicily, as you wrote) blood, made you find my poems.. who knows? ;) Grazie! A friendly 'abbraccio' (hug) from Italy - even if fromTuscany, not Sicily :) Fabrizio

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The Best Poem Of Sara Militello

The Best Left

The Best Left

Time alone allows for reflection
upon events that flee too fast:

Recalling the best of my life
even the hardships and strife
it comes to mind all that was
and is no more...

The love I have for one so dear
is true as truth can fly.
At first desire burned bright
as the brightest star in the sky.

Yet - how often love's fire, banked
is treated with poignant entreaties galore
fragile feelings the ashes
of a flaming passion spent.

Time is a friend that sustains love ~
tender acceptance soothing where
a treasured love still lingers there
adjusted to friendship-laced passion

double-linked with gentle respect
the best left glowing before
a warming hearth on a cold damp night
for love to spark into embers bright.

January 1990

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02 October 2015

'I am every real thing in whom adversity has wrought a new wing to soar above this blaspheme, this force of evil that permeates the weal.'

01 June 2016

'There are many shades of subtlety. Some ways are as subtle as a drum roll on an eyeball.'

06 January 2017

'Ignorance is not bliss. It's a state of being unconscious.'

Sara Militello Popularity

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