Awol Poem by Scarborough Gypsy


Rating: 2.7

Gypsy has gone AWOL
And joined a circus Troup
Spends her time now juggling
And leaping through a hoop!

Poetry she writes no more
Just doesn’t have the time
What with family, home and work
Who’s got time to rhyme?

On the go all through the week
Her brain’s fried every night
Counts minutes now, not syllables
The poets gone from “site”

And out of site is out of mind
So “Hi” to all her friends
Don’t forget her comrades
And don’t put down your pens!

Scarborough Gypsy 14 January 2006

I know that this is probably NOT better than nothing but I felt I just had to write something! Love to all my old friends and Hi to any new poets that care to read and comment on my previous work. Gyp's

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Moya Levy 18 February 2006

Well glad you came back Gypsy! And glad to have found your work, Moyaxxx

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Jerry Hughes 21 January 2006

Welcome back Gyp's, you've just got to find or make time. And that's an order for all your devoted friends. Love, Jerry

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Alice Vedral Rivera 14 January 2006

Good to hear from you. Delightfully amusing. avr

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Gina Onyemaechi 14 January 2006

Witty and entertaining. Hope it's not true that you're not going to be posting anymore.

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Jeremiah Shine 14 January 2006

Hi. Just thought I would say hello.......Lsp

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