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(Dwelling On It)

I live between birth and death

T - s h i r t i n P i s a
c o v e r i n g c o n s p i c u o u s
g e n e r o u s
p r o s p e r o u s

my name's Sid and I'm a tadpole

when I was frogspawn there was no problemo

sea urchin

island sea urchin

good ole deep dark green Limmat

glistening and flashing with patches of pale blue sky

the small square blue lockers

near the Limmat's changing rooms

Silent white mantle covering

Everything on the scene outside

I don't think I'll write poems any more
People don't read them or understand them

People don't even understand themselves

The heaven-man takes a break
On his long way to work
Catching his breath
He looks down


The first word
The first thought
The first step
Then scoot without a hoot


Das erste Wort
Der erste Gedanke


Panteon, pantegan, panta rhei
The moments of life flow on
And never return, do they

cherry picking Information
to suit a case
as if there's an axe to grind
when there isn't

Ess in Yellow

makes for

The square of 8, the cube of 4, and the sixth power of 2 🎲
🎏 with exactly seven divisors 🎏
2⃣ and the lowest positive power of two 2⃣
🎉 that is adjacent to neither a Mersenne prime nor a Fermat prime 🎉


...the last hour is hidden so better watch them all


...l'ultima ora è nascosto quindi meglio guardarle tutte

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My names Akirana Rospomon - I'm half frog and half toad - I hang out in the Oberryow - flip flopping and striding through the never-ending long white tunnel to the Tragluft pool - reaching beyond the shallows in search of the celestial turquoise where I favour above all else the free style - plunging deep into the pennant-festooned waters - or else standing high on the highest board surveying the rippling scene and lane lines while below the unknown placid depths await before I anxiously plummet into the void - hitting and breaking the hard wet surface in a massive splash - a burst of tiny bubbles - pulling myself slowly ever deeper - breath held tight - holding it for who-knows-who - that's me in the spotlight - that's me in the corner rising...

Then speeding down the chute - feet first - into that glistening blue where memories come crashing in - flooding in - beacons light up other legs - fellow creatures who stare and play - Amor ch'a nullo amato amar perdona - Love that exempts no one loved from loving in return - but even Dante can get it very wrong - only the waters embrace me and I embrace them in return - as they glimmer and gush, gush and glimmer - Akirana Rospomon - why are you so wan?

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