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I saw the sadness - crows and humans,
I saw the wheels to be crushed - people and dogs.

Beautiful girl in the rain bouncing on water
Oh bouncing frogs came up from the hole
Bouncing feelings in my heart
Drop-wearing - lots of rain from the sky

There's monster in the shape of fir tree standing
Soothing atmosphere feelings

এই নিরস শীতল পবন,
উড়ে এসেছে
দূর দিগন্তের কুটুম,
যাযাবর উদাসী জীবন

Walking without relying on his confidence.
Stabilize sand brick walls,
intense voice and then write down words.
Maybe someday you'll shed coat off.

Will be eliminated, your rule and exploitation.
We are helpless man!
This is to say: an empty stomach to drink poison.
Unlawful decree, backing do not eat.


We live in light and darkness
Us - there is no time
Dawn, morning, noon, evening, and night.
There are floating in solar system planets

Strangers walked on the promise of life
Saw a lot of imaging the Earth's sphere
Many saw the creation of the harness
Oh, you just have not seen!


Throughout body on fire
Names of poets appeared in royal court
Auction digit being
But out of the reach of Poets.

Panic all around.
Dead bodies were bathing themselves,
Involve themselves in white shrouds,
Body, clothes, perfume sprayed,


This here - see;
Actor - actress.

Black-ribbon Enforcement determined.

এই আমার দেশ - আমাকে হারাবে একদিন,
গণ-কীর্তনের শেষ হবে বেনামি কবির সেদিন;
লিখবেনা আর ইতিহাস টেনে প্রাচীন পান্ডুলিপি;
হাজার বছর পরে - মানব সভ্যতার স্মরনে দিনলিপিহাজার বছর পরে - মানব সভ্যতার স্মরনে দিনলিপি।


People gave me pain!
People love me!
People are cheating me!
People trying to kill me!

City walls Wearing golden light

But we do not understand the source!

চলেছি আমি একা গ্রাম বাংলার বুকে
মেঠো পথ, বীথিকা, নদীর কোন বাঁকে,
যেখানে নেই কোন অশান্তির মেলা -
দেখি প্রকৃতি-নির্জন, ফেরারি ঢেউয়ের খেলা।

This is a point on the border of world
Love life -
The endless blue horizon of sea
Today all that has -

You told me:
Cut the meat of the body
Barbecue will be made,
Water thirst

The Best Poem Of Shah Surja

Vision Of Time

I saw the sadness - crows and humans,
I saw the wheels to be crushed - people and dogs.
I slit gun to flowering plants,
Give me some peace, to see the flowers.
Death is not the face - not facing death,
I'm not afraid of burning fire.

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rosalba cid 27 November 2015

I like beautiful writing

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rosalba cid 27 November 2015

I like beautiful writing.

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Knowledge - does not add any religion. If knowledge is the ultimate learning experience. He is a great man - national, caste, tribe, religion, man, do not ever disrespect.

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