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There is a scent,
A very strong, poignant scent
Of our glory days, a scent of
Your white shiny skin on mine;

"You are riding on my nerves"
You say, and push me away
With your hands so divine,
But little did you know,

Let me be in the dark son,
I shall sing a song
For my beloved bride,
A song not sung since ages long;

As I lie on my bed outstretched,
Gazing at the covered up sky;
Some voices strange I hear in my head,
Sizzling, rumbling, laughing by

There are things I haven't told you yet,
Have I told you?
That with you, the crowded streets
Seem alleys of fallen leaves;

I don't know when I was born,
Maybe when humanity didn't exist.
I was lost, in the senses of the insentient beings;
Always trying to find something.

Don't cry my child,
So what if you have lost today,
And your dream didn't come true as you say,
Remember always,

May these be my last words;
I am tired of telling my tales,
You know not what grows inside;
A storm of dread and deadly gales


I have lost you
In a dark island
Of lost hopes
And dreams,

Bare not,
Just lie beside,
For tonight
I will not pounce

Last night
I dreamt of you,
A dream so true,
Where you

Once a walk down the empty street,
Had me to see,
A wonderful beauty;
Ballerina Ethene.

I had a rabbit once,
Eyes red as ruby,
Lapin like snow white
My only friend

Let me sit here for a while,
For I have had enough of this digging.
Digging hard, digging rough;
And as I dig,

The city is crowded,
Filled with giant ants
Walking everyday on the streets
Saying hello

Long ago,
When the world embarked
On its journey to hell,
There lived a warrior,

I remember in fragments,
How I would come and sit on your lap
And you would push me away;
With your wrinkled hands,

Maa, I can't sleep.
A pain crawls up my spine, the loneliness shouts aloud
And the abrupt commotions in my head
Keep me from closing my eyes,

I lost my home,
A home that was not mine;
A sweet and lovely home
A home so bright

Since long, I am colored yellow;
Hanging from the sun, I make a girl smile
And her black eyes remind me of night

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Born and brought up in kolkata, India.He is graduate in advertising from Fergusson college of creative sciences, Pune, cutrently an entrepreneur and director at Wizdumb in Pune. Shouvik's love for writing had been unconditional since he was eight years old.Though poetry came later he finds to have solace in it. https: // http: //

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A Scent

There is a scent,
A very strong, poignant scent
Of our glory days, a scent of
Your white shiny skin on mine;
A scent of the laughs and
The gazes we shared, and the
Six strings that lie on a corner.

There is a scent,
A very strong, beguiling scent
Of your gushing wisdom words
And of your coy melodies,
A scent of your gawks for my monkeyshines,
The rolling wheels and the road beneath
That would take us to places unseen.

There is a scent,
A very strong, dismal scent
Of your ignorant gait, a scent of
Your silence, the dead quirks
And the days bereaving me of you.
There remains nothing but a scent of you.

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Titi Dale 23 July 2012

Great poems and description.

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 27 June 2012

A brilliant feasible poet- he knows how to best pluck the seed of emotion and bury in the heart of the reader- Shouvik Roy is somewhat more than a poet

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Shouvik Roy Popularity

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