Simone Inez Harriman

Gold Star - 27,148 Points (03/05/1959 / New Zealand)

Simone Inez Harriman Poems

1. Baxter.....(Childrens Poem) 3/4/2018
2. Primordial Soup 7/21/2018
3. Revival 9/1/2018
4. The Cadaveric Heart 7/7/2017
5. Porcelain Perfection 1/14/2017
6. Spirit Drifts 4/27/2017
7. Christmas Bomb 12/21/2016
8. Followed By Paws 12/31/2016
9. So Long; Dead Now 6/10/2017
10. War Zone 3/4/2018
11. Shaman Eyes 12/20/2017
12. Asystole 9/10/2017
13. Winter 8/7/2018
14. My Big Fat Hairy Feet From The Shire (Children's Poem) 7/16/2018
15. The Significance Of Wings 6/14/2017
16. Redeem The American Dream 5/28/2017
17. Death Wrap 3/5/2017
18. The Robotic Nurse 2/28/2017
19. Displaced 4/25/2016
20. Adieu Mr Felix 5/1/2017
21. An Autumn's Touch 10/28/2018
22. Game Over 6/18/2018
23. Baby Don't Cry 8/14/2017
24. Siberian Man 10/21/2017
25. Eden In An Apple 9/18/2016
26. Elysium 11/30/2016
27. Pipi Pearls 1/29/2017
28. Silent Nights 1/31/2017
29. Ode To The Victorious Youth 1/17/2017
30. Forsaken 9/27/2017
31. Turkish Delights 12/28/2017
32. Anorexia 6/7/2016
33. Monolith 4/22/2015
34. Effigy 5/26/2015
35. Highlights 10/19/2015
36. The Other Woman 7/1/2017
37. Dementia Daze 6/15/2017
38. Not Your Woman 8/7/2018
39. Love Takes Hostages 3/4/2018
40. Intensive Care 6/23/2013

Comments about Simone Inez Harriman

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (10/1/2018 4:46:00 PM)

    On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poetess Simone Inez Harriman born on 03/05/1959 in Northland, New Zealand as, Golden Rose. From today on-wards she will be known as Golden Rose Simone Inez Harriman. This title is offered due her long term service to mankind and literary perseverance. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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  • Loke Kok Yee (1/7/2018 1:07:00 AM)

    A poetess, a level above the rest
    Her poems, are a pleasure to digest
    Her dreams, take you on a fantasy ride
    With eloquence and wisdom alongside

  • Nivy Sochi Nivy Sochi (10/18/2017 6:37:00 AM)

    Simone Inez Harriman

    S is for Spectacular, truly remarkable
    I is for Immaculate, carrying out things to perfection
    M is for Modest, humility is your virtue
    O is for Oomph, you have a magnetic draw
    N is for Nurturing, you bring out the good in people
    E is for Exemplary, a role model

    I is for Inspirational, motivating people for the better
    N is for Noble, a decent soul
    E is for Exceptional, simply outstanding
    Z is for Zealous, brimming with enthusiasm

    H is for Heroic, stepping out to help
    A is for Accommodating, concerned with others' needs
    R is for Remarkable, so exceptional
    R is for Regal, a royal being
    I is for Important, a blessing to any community
    M is for Moral, governed by ethics
    A is for Affirmative, you look for the positive in others
    N is for Neat, carefully organised

    Remain engraced, beautiful soul.

  • Valsa George Valsa George (8/30/2017 8:32:00 AM)

    Simone Inez Harriman is a poet of great depth! Her poems have many layers of meaning that with one single reading, the meaning cannot be fully exhausted. Some of her poems demand many readings and each time we peruse them, we get a new insight! She is not a prolific writer, but it is not the number but the quality of her poems that makes her an outstanding writer! Above everything, she is a lovely soul with a humane attitude and a universal outlook on life! I wish her all the Best in life as a person and as a poet!

  • Lynn Petty (4/30/2017 12:50:00 PM)

    Dear Simone,
    I have just read your poem about your kitten. I am beyond words to tell you how much I enjoyed this beautiful work.
    There are some passages that brought me to tears. Through those words I was lifted to a new ream of beauty.
    Bri sent me your poem and I am much obliged.
    Lynn W. Petty

  • Adeline Foster Adeline Foster (9/25/2016 2:56:00 PM)

    May I add my encouragement that you too may enjoy many years of lovely poetry. Read mine - Brush Strokes -

  • Pamela Sinicrope Pamela Sinicrope (5/28/2016 9:14:00 AM)

    SImone is a thoughtful and insightful poet. I've enjoyed reading her poetry. It always gives me pause. There's much to think about as far as the content of the writing and the writing itself. ...and I always appreciate her supportive and well-considered commentary. Lots of WOW moments here. :)

  • Loke Kok Yee (2/6/2016 8:59:00 AM)

    Your friendship is like Kipling's The Thousandth Man
    When I am down and out, on you I depend.
    Friends like you will stay around tho' weather's foul
    Like Kipling's Thousandth Man, a true friend I found

    From a grateful heart came these few simple lines
    Your kind comments been keeping my site alive
    When the rain's gone and the sun again shines bright
    Your lovely poems I will read through the night

    Many thanks,
    Loke Kok Yee

Best Poem of Simone Inez Harriman


Exhaling satisfaction
You have banqueted well
Your swollen belly rolls relaxed
Satiated you spit
Carcas bones of my village
Unremorseful at my feet

Paraded on your watery shoulders
My mother's sari
Torn from her gentle body
Greets and grieves me

Profoundly wounds me

So calm...............
Your indifference now
While your adoring dead servants
Are littered in pyres
Returning ashen to the earthen cradle

Read the full of Tsunami

Crashing The Hard Drive

Your email
To: Sexy thing
Subject: Rendezvous
Recipient: Me
Checking up on you
Pain, hurt, disbelief
Home screen
There you are
Smiling with her
Lies, humiliation, deceit
I dismantle your files
Disassemble your memory
I crash the hard drive
Disabling me
Deleting you

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