A Full Blood Moon Poem by Simone Harriman

A Full Blood Moon

Zealot, I hear your heart is lost to them
Death resides in your hateful opinions
With toxic blame and killing floor speeches
Switchblade slick words that flick swift to murder
Snick back so smoothly into bigotry
Bloodlust shines brightly in my young son's eyes
As you lay tombstones of segregation
You grow audiences of snarling wolves
While you erect your church upon our graves

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: bigotry,hate,inhumanity,racism
Susan Williams 05 April 2018

Simone, if you posted these poems anonymously I would know in a heartbeat who wrote them. You have such an individual, striking, stunning style. The impact of this piece is propelled by such phrases as - -] killing floor speeches / Switchblade slick words that flick swift to murder / Snick back so smoothly into bigotry. This is the stuff of great artistry in poets blessed with talent, imagination, a hard work ethic, and soul. 10+++++++

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Paul Brookes 04 April 2018

The power in this poem is extraordinary The church held up to critical view whilst neither gainsaying or agree with is religiosity. Dark and yet there also is a flicker of light A very atmospheric poem the punchy last line While you erect your church upon our graves drives the final nail into organise religion A great write best I have read in a long time 10 ++

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Loke Kok Yee 02 April 2018

And they are aplenty in this world, reason no longer hold sway and their conscience hidden away, their oratory skill holds the crowd in awe while their venom intoxicates all Wow! this is a powerful write and the message hit me hard. Your eloquence made it a compelling read. Thanks Simone.

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Mj Lemon 04 April 2018

Very powerful. Yes, bigots are made, often carefully crafted. Those who undertake the endeavour often do so by drawing in 'believers' who feel a need or want to be part of some mythical tradition. Sadly, those graves have a useful purpose. A great poem, Simone, and right to myfavourites.

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Unwritten Soul 04 April 2018

The poetry was done in such shape, that you really know how to build it, the meaning that you placed in every line also has boldly highlighted, and Simone you always know how to write...its just your way, own way to say!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 28 April 2018

This poem is really very lovely poem revisiting this values more to paint the imagery of this poem in mind.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 28 April 2018

A powerful strong and poetically hard hitting poem against bigotry and racism which all must and should hate. I like your vocab and admirable phrasings. Kudos. Pleez do write your thoughts under my newest poem too, titled, dark skinned vs fair skin, I would love to hear your views

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Bri Edwards 07 April 2018

(continued) ... i think you have no sons, so that wouldn't make sense. not that poets always write accounts about their own lives! favorite lines [especially due to fine alliterations]: Switchblade slick words that flick swift to murder Snick back so smoothly into bigotry to MyPoemList bri :)

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Kostas Lagos 07 April 2018

What a powerful poem! Superb!

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Susan Williams 05 April 2018

Into my list of fav poems as well.

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