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I observe you as you work
Kaleidoscopic parts of you
Examining and charting
Lost islands and causes
Navigating through waves of needy people
Needing you

At the helm of the humanship
A fragment of you resides in
The nomadic mind of the genius
Indifferent to earthly concerns
Geminied with
The intermittent calmness a still ocean offers

As the prism in a rainbows promise
Reveals its true spectrum
When allied with the light in an ebony sky
You have been there my flagship healer
Illuminating my darkest hours
Tenderly orchestrating my tidal moods
Kaleidoscopic parts of you
Soaring my spirit and touching my heart

Wednesday, June 8, 2005
Moods Poems: 176 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: love,observation
Daniel Brick 09 April 2015

I just finished reading JUST A SUGGESTION in which a woman offers to heal a man, and in this next poem I read it is the man who is providing the healing. I don't want to over-project on the basis of two poems, but it seems to me this need for healing before a person can live and love in a genuine relationship, this need for healing is characteristic of our present time. And the feelings and actions entailed in such healing is exactly the sensitivity that a relationship, however long or deep it is, requires. Both of these poems can be categorized as Love Poems, but they are not peaches and cream Love Poems. They both acknowledge the difficulty in making a relationship work, and a person's willingness to do this hard work is a measure of the commitment they will bring to their partner in the future. I would not give you false hopes, Paul Simon sang in a 1980s song; neither do your Love Poems: they have earned the right to hope for the best!

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Pamela Sinicrope 27 October 2015

Another poem about healing. I am married to an oncologist, so this poem for me was about him. For me healing and love are intertwined literally and figuratively. It seems you combine these two naturally in your writing and it's a beautiful marriage through poetry. The first stanza, I observe you as you work invites the reader to observe alongside and imagine a person working as if they are charting a course on a boat for lost islands and lost causes...a metaphor for a healer trying to help people who are beyond help (physically that is) . The last line of the stanza stands alone, needing you. That is critical to understanding the poem as one continues. I like that you broke up the lines in that way. The second stanza reveals the character of the healer...he is amidst lost causes, yet through chaos and (maybe death) he is able to remain calm and even (geminied) . The final stanza, allows us to become more personal. The poet is then speaks directly to the relationship between herself and YOU, when she says, You have been there as my flagship healer, illuminating my darkest hours, tenderly orchestrating my tidal moods, ....soaring my spirit and touching my heart This is one of my favorite love poems ever. Finally, you reference rainbows. I LOVE rainbows and think they are so representative of love. Secondly, I LOVE the ocean, so the ocean and sailing metaphors also ring true for me. Another beautiful write. Thanks!

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Patricia Gale 03 March 2006

Lovely, soothing write. Patricia

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Lori Boulard 10 January 2006

The recurring image of fragments and light work nicely. And...assuming it relates to a doctor, it gives a little - little - peace of mind to this sceptic.

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C. Michael Miller 28 November 2005

This poem immediately put me into a sense of calm... my heart rate slowd, my breathing slowed... it was over before I was ready to say good-bye.

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Susan Williams 20 August 2017

At the helm of the humanship- - - - - - I like a good turn of phrase! authors have total freedom to make up words, create new words, use seldom-used words- -words are our toolbox, our palette, our musical, surgical, transporting equipment. excellent poem!

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Loke Kok Yee 07 July 2017

I worked up a sweat on this one. So indifferent, so professional yet in a relationship, so loving and a healer of body and spirit. Thanks Simone, beautiful write but a little too heavy on my simple mind.

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Valsa George 22 February 2016

This is the account of a beautiful relationship between 'You' and 'I'! The you referred here may be a healer, one who works for connecting lost islands, either people who have lost all hopes or people who are segregated in one way or the other! In the last stanza the poet refers to the tie between 'You'-(the healer) and 'I'.(the poet herself) ! His presence and his comforting love help the poet to reach great heights of joy and fulfillment from a state of gloom and despair! There is something sacred in this relationship! The whole poem is developed through subtle images which when put together bring the picture of a beautiful relationship through suggestion! A great poem!

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Terry Craddock 20 November 2015

Wow reread all three stanzas several times, you had me from the first stanza, 'I observe you as you work Kaleidoscopic parts of you Examining and charting Lost islands and causes Navigating through waves of needy people Needing you' the theme concepts drew me in, which is what I expected from you, unique insights embedded with imagery of nature from a land I love yet seldom describe, some beauty here in this land we hold sacred within the depths of our soul, the well spring from which we nurture others; wonderful 10+++

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John Tiong Chunghoo 16 November 2015

love this my friend. very delicate and well thought out. thanks.

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