Living Gem Poem by spiritual seeker

Living Gem

Rating: 4.8

In my clear dream,
I was digging the soft ground.
To my utmost happiness I found a piece of shiny pure white stone.
Happily I put it inside my pocket and rushed to take home.
It was shining more brightly though I wanted to hide it from others.
Along the way, a few people stopped me and wanted a piece of it.
Holding the glittering stone in both hands…
As if living and continuously changing…
From one, it became several smaller beautiful reddish round and oval pieces...
Multiple colours, it’s beauty now indescribable.
I decided then to give half of those precious gems to others,
At that very moment, I was awakened by the morning azan*.
With a light and happy heart,
I hurried for my prayer.

*muslim call for prayer

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: life
It was a dream I had a day back. Certainly, there is a beautiful message hidden in that dream. Happy to share....
David Wood 30 May 2013

The pebble may be hope that you have and wish to share.

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Unwritten Soul 30 June 2013

Ahhhh this is calming, i love the beautiful and pure_Soul

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Heather Wilkins 05 June 2013

this is a lovely dream. Sharing is a gift of life.

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Ambrosia A 03 June 2013

Is it the gem of wisdom, happiness and hope you carry all the way along and want to share? Can I have bit of it? Thank you poet for sharing lovely dream, now blooming in poem.

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a beautiful poem combined with wonderful meaning..

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Hans Vr 31 May 2013

Wonderful, my friend What a great dream I want to dream like that, I want be like that, I very thoroughly enjoyed this poem with a fantastic end.

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