Wise Words Poem by spiritual seeker

Wise Words

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Wise words are like fresh sweet water,
It's source from the pure white snow in the distant mountains..
That have stood over nature's temper,
battered by the howling winds over centuries.
This pure water, sooths the soul and rise it way above clouds,
It causes dry desert to sprout with flowers abundance,
And gently shape the hardest rock and ground.
It's spray, cool the earth and douse the heat of flame.
It nourishes throughout centuries,
enjoyed by all those who seek and drink it.
It is poetry to a simple man.

Walterrean Salley 08 May 2012

Sometimes, it's hard to find words of wisdom. There is a lot of hatred, babbling and foolish talking. But truly, one must seek them indeed. And amid poetry, such can be found in abundance. Your writings are full of wisdom and depth, which I greatly appreciate. Thank you. Enjoyed. 10

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Hans Vr 29 June 2011

This is an excellent one. The words in the poem are not only super wise, but also extremely poetic and beautiful. Fantastic images.

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Wise words are like fresh sweet water, It’s source from the pure white snow in the distant mountains.... it is fresh and divine. wise words serve as divine water and make it is for salvation.... nice poem....10

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Rekha Mandagere 24 June 2011

Fantastic imagery. Beautiful poem.Thanks for sharing it.

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