After All Poem by Spiritwind Wood

After All

Rating: 5.0

This is the end
together we walk away
time finally giving us the answer
to a question so many times asked
thought it would be the other way around
guess their was no need to pretend

After all of the heartache
that filled inside of me
with so much of this frustration
after all of the broken promises
we did'nt have to make
after all those sweet kisses
I tasted on your lips
did'nt think it would be my heart
you would break
that would fade away forever

But now only time can mend
something that seemed so right
trying to erase those memories
I have to forget
as we walk our own path
like fools on sinking ships

* Sunprincess * 18 December 2015

...........the simile at the end is incredible ★

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Quin Faas 06 October 2009

a sad poem....that's what love is after

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 05 October 2009

a lovely and sad poem...i too such true memories sweet one's turn into painful one's....very well written...brings the total story to mind

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Krystal Vincent 05 October 2009

i no this feeling very well..this is a poem beautifully written. it spoke to my heart. even tho it was a reminder of some hurtful things in my past..but also good things at that. to be honest im still tryin to mend the wounds..that i no will never fully mend..because i truely loved a guy with all my heart but he hurt me bad..beyond repair even.but i say keep writing n striving

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