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Why do they run and scream in fear
Even when I do shed a tear
I never do them any harm
There really is no need for alarm

As I look up to the stars
That drift on a life's cold sea
One thing that is certain
They never shone for me

This poem is based on something that happened to me the other week. Enjoy!

I've got P.E. now hoorah hooray
I wish we had it every day

Regrets eating into my heart – thinking.
Into my mind my worries are gently sinking.

Through the restless dreams
And mindless songs
Future a shadow on sandy road
Breeze melding paths then gone.

Oh please I beg
Don't get me wrong
It's not the black I fear
But the unknown deep in the dark

The sun is warm, the breeze on my face
I can't help but feel at one with this place
I relax in the trees ample shade
And hear the bird's sweet seranade

I had the faithful
I had the few
Promised loyalty
Promised to be true

Do not cry for I'm not gone
I'm still with you dearest one

One word such a complicated thing,
Never meant but always said.
Four letters have power to break
Or bind, to cloud the mind,

The headaches mean I never sleep
But weep through keyholes.
All lives controlled by scraps of
Paper the souls enrolled by

The ground trembles and rattles my heart
I have heard this sound since the very start
The melody strikes at a chord in my soul,
Without that song I'll never be whole

The wolf pads forward, spear teeth bared
I tell you I was more than scared
I scrambled towards the nearest tree
I could tell it wasn't frightened of me

Pitter patter go those sharp clawed feet
I hear them padding up the street
The lightning strikes against my door
The air is sharp my lungs are raw

Poor pathetic fool you think you
Fell but you were tripped. Nothing
Accidental about your little slip.
Before me stand and offer up your

Sketch it out with paper and
Pencil, with freestyle thoughts
To flow through the fingers,
Spark of imagination seldom

What do you want?
Can’t you see efforts in vain?
Leave me out to taste the rain
To swallow down the tears of pain.

Through the cold dark tomb
I feel you stirring, bearing
Through the blackness a
Halo of light. Dwelled in

Faceless monster look around you
Look without eyes and see the pain forged by your lies.
For eyes are the window to the soul and you have none.
Not gone for you were born without such good.

Through the shadowed window
Breaks the soothing of the sun
To warm and wake the gliding
Dreams that drift and slide

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I am 18 years old and am studying at university on an english and communication course. I have a love for all animals especially horses, wolves and birds of prey. My favourite book is Eragon by Christopher Paolini.I would strongly urge all of you to read it. I like Greenday, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Guns N Roses, The Darkness, The Beatles, Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends, Iron Maiden and the unbeatable QUEEN! My hobbies include horse riding, archery, rock climbing, kyaking, singing, acting, swimming, quad biking, sailing and cycling. As you may have guessed I love the outdoor life! My favourite past time is probably going out on the motorbike and going to new places with my gang the Tyre Shredders. I enjoy writing poetry greatly and inspiration stems from the most unlikely places. Have a read and tell me what you think. I can't wait to hear. Till then, be excellent to each other and party on dudes! Live long and prosper!)

The Best Poem Of Steffi Webster

All I Want Is A Friend

Why do they run and scream in fear
Even when I do shed a tear
I never do them any harm
There really is no need for alarm
Just because I am a ghost
I slowly flit from coast to coast
If I don't make one very soon
My existance wil fall into gloom
They allways run away from me
It makes me very unhappy
I wish that they woul stop and care
But they don't even stay to stare
All I want is a friend

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Steffi Webster Popularity

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