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Born in North Carolina, spending his early years in the Appalachian mountains. There weaned on bluegrass and gospel music, and listening to the tales and stories of the misty highlands. Now retired, he spends as much time as possible in the woodlands and on the sweet rivers of his adopted home of northwest Florida.

Steve Howard Poems

Haiku 2


Comes the morning, thrush will call,
from brambled hedge, or garden wall.
Sing he must, and sing he will,
though even to a silent hill.

To Faerie Land

Leave back, leave back,
the meadow land,
where flowers come to grow.
To look upon a darker place,

The Garden

My heart has made a garden,
where the thorn falls away from the rose.
Where every flower has your face,
the only flower that grows.

Cream And Sugar

I think upon my now ex wife,
who was to me all joy in life.
Still her precious voice I hear,
"Would you like some coffee dear? ".

Steve Howard Quotes

07 April 2018

True friends still come to the show when you no longer can dance.

11 April 2018

A poem is a stone, skipped across a lake of song, at last to sink into the heart.

11 April 2018

The meadowlark sings anyway. So shall I.

17 April 2018

Be it throne or wooden stool, where sits man, there sits a fool.

18 April 2018

We're all the same age. Just on different schedules.

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Rafik Rom 31 January 2020

Hi my friend. How could you be able toread my poems here

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