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A Mysterious Crow! .

Rating: 4.3

a crow, charcoal black, fierce eyes, blue
saturn ring in neck, beak dense black
sharp, arrived mysterious from nowhere
sat on a tree branch bearing mangoes
that protruded to front court yard of the
house, and began to peck it furious! .

inside the house, parents, uncle, aunt and
children sat around grandma, anxiety writ
on face, for she lay speechless for days.

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Jester's P 23 October 2009

'a mysterious crow! ' as the title presented it- the description of the creature crow by the author. and it (crow) is by the way associated to dark secrets (shadow of evil/death) , in fact in my own tribe we regard it a fatal bad omen...why, because of its awful noise and dark color. well nice poem it is indeed mysterious because i cannot explain why the crow regarded as what i mentioned above (poor creature) . all the best...

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John Mcmanus 21 October 2009

this poemleft me feeling a bit confused like I wasn't ure what to fell by thwe end of it but you kept me engaged the whole way through.

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Joseph Poewhit 21 October 2009

Interesting poem with some ending

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John Shea 18 October 2009

A really great read. Please read my poem Feathered tears, thanks John.

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John Knight 18 October 2009

Hi Surya - An interesting poem - in the UK crows are treated with caution and, because they are so jet black - as harbigers of death. Verse One introduces us to a rather scary crow - Charcoal black - dense black - mystreious from nowhere - pecking furiously at the mangoes! In Verse Two you focus on the occupants of the house - particularly Grandma. Was this myterious Crow a harbinger of her death? Their vigil is broken in Verse Three - A shattering sound - a falen barnch - a departing crow - Family rushing into the Courtyard. There is so much movement in this verse I found myself quite breathless just reading it. Verse Four compounds the mystery. When they go back in the house to comfort Grandma - she is no longer there - 'Grandma had flown away with the mysterious Crow! ! ' Is this a euphamism for death 'Flown Away' or had she acctaully been translated to Paradise? This happened to Elijah and others so it is not unknown in History and Folk Law. Gradmas are wonderful do they get an automatic entry to Paradise - I would like to think so! It is an amazing folk poem and has given all who had read it a gentle thrill of the mysterious and the unknown. There is a message - don't despise the crow - take heed to his omen - I score it TEN. Yours in poetry - JOHN.

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Aparna Sinha 16 November 2011

Read it again..wow what a piece

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Albert Price 01 February 2011

I feel a relation between grandma and the mangoes.

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wow..what a nice plot! ! ! ! a sad one..love this poem wid ma heart....thanx...10+++

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Sphinx came back but granny went out…nicely conceived but gosh yet true….such happens in our lives and your poetic eyes perceived it… Offbeat canvas …is it under para-psychology …for coincidental occurrences…? 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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when returned home, on surprise wailing of mother, they found to great shock, grandma had flown away with the mysterious crow! ......sometimes they forcast large loom of worst fears.... i believe in it.. simple but great work......10 read mine black crow

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