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1. What Does It Take? 4/10/2011
2. It's Like You Left Your Heart With Me, For Me To Love. 4/11/2011
3. We Just Fit 4/17/2011
4. Stillness 5/16/2011
5. I Need To Know 5/25/2011
6. Hope 4/17/2011
7. Know 4/14/2011
8. I Could Give You That 4/19/2011
9. When I Feel My Heart 7/7/2011
10. In Those Moments 6/10/2011
11. This Path 4/17/2011
12. Moments 4/6/2011
13. Wishful Thinking 4/12/2011
14. Tenderness 4/8/2011
15. I Want To Be True 4/15/2011
16. Can I Give You Up? 4/2/2011

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Can I Give You Up?

I miss you.

I have tried to turn my heart to stone
but it won't let me
I have tried for anger
But I simply love you.

My breath is so shallow, it scares me,
I want the wind to blow strong.

A lilly does not stand in coyness or grief
I want to be a lily.

A flower gives from its heart
Like I gave to you from mine.

Should I die like a flower shrivel and weep
And just wait for the seasons to change, the wind to blow
strong, my heart to open once more.
It's a long long time waiting.

I miss you so.

I have clung to your ...

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What Does It Take?

What does it take to follow our love,
What does it take to jump off that cliff

Sheer faith?
Sheer passion?
Sheer courage?

When are we ready.
Time, sand and footsteps. The passage of moments, each moment.

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