My Daddy Poem by Susheela Alexiose

My Daddy

Rating: 5.0

You were my hero Daddy
My most handsome dad
I looked up to you for everything
From the smallest to the greatest

I loved you so much so that
I could love God, more than the way I loved you
You were with me
Throughout all the stages of my life

When you were separated from me
Little did I know
That you had taken a chunk of my heart
With you my darling daddy

My little heart was bruised
It was wounded beyond measure
A deep hole was formed in my heart valve
For which doctors treated me physically

Little did they realized
What I needed was your presence
Your love and your care
As you were my hero my dearest darling daddy

Sunday, November 11, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: father daughter,god
Frank Sheehan 13 November 2018

Wonderful tribute to your father. Enjoyed immensely. Great pen.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 21 December 2021

enjoy it so much I shed tears thinking about my father

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Susheela Alexiose 21 December 2021

Oh dear! ! If my poem touched your heart...I am blessed beyond measure...hugs..

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David Wood 21 December 2021

A lovely tribute to your father. I list mine when I was 22, a long time ago.

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Susheela Alexiose 21 December 2021

Sorry to hear that dear David.... I lost my Dad 12 years back...

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Chinedu Dike 08 July 2021

Vividly expressed thoughts and feelings, very heartfelt with strong emotions. A poignant piece of poetry.

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Susheela Alexiose 21 December 2021

Thank you dear!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 08 July 2021

I have reread this great Tribute to your Dad again. It still memerizes me, wonderful poem! My Dad died too young. Your Poem does touch my inside. Thank you so much for having written this! God's Blessings Greatest for you and your beloved family

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 December 2018

Great Tribute to your beloved Daddy. The most touching poem I ever read about Tribute to Daddy. Heartwarming but saddest too. I like this poem very much and I appreciate that very much that your way of writing belongs to the same category as where I am in: Confessional Poems.Keep on writing, dear Poetess. Keep the pen wet. Your poems are honest, beautiful and you are yourself. Thank you for sharing. Best regards, Sylvia FC from Nederland, West-Europe

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Susheela Shiju 26 March 2019

Thank you so much dear Sylvia for your kind words! God richly bless you!

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