Suzanne Hayasaki Poems

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Trust The Universe

I must trust the universe.
I must take my cue from the stars:
I must listen to the infinite wisdom
Hidden in their shining silence.

Moon Viewing

I thought about viewing the moon last night,
Full and heavy as it hung in the sky,
But this year as the rice ripens
And the wind picks up

Love Me

Love me when I’m grumpy.
Love me when I’m curt.
Love me when I’m frustrated.
Love me when I’m hurt.

Between The Pages

Find me a book
And let me get lost in it.
Open the cover
And shut out the world.

As Timeless As Stalactites

Time drips like lime down the sides of my soul.
Layering my lifetimes with a mineral film
Clouding my awareness of the vastness
Of the cave of my own evolution.

The Glow Of Roses

The roses glow in their own white light.
Hints of pink hide in their folds
As bright summer tones warm from below
Giving the illusion of life within.

Tree House

Serene in my tree house
With my tart and my tea
I look out at the living green
Of lacy bamboo leaves

Life Humbles Me

Life humbles me.
In all of its complexity,
Its depth
Its fathomlessness.


Lift the pole
Let the boat drift
Listen to the wind
As it rustles in the leaves

Cedar Trees

Surrounded by leaning cedar trees
We drive slowly along narrow roads
Edged in with drifts of rusty pine needles
Hoping each curve will be the last.

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